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一. 找出每组不同类的单词。
1. ( 2. ( 3. ( 4. ( 5. ( C B A B C ) ) ) ) ) A. China A. collect A. letter A. dancing A. near B. English C. building B.from C. like B. famous C. beautiful B. peace C. playing B. under C. about

二、情景会话,选出正确答语,并 将答案填入横线上。

A: Do you C (1) visit the UN building in New York? B: A (2),we do. A: What a big building! B:Look at all the E (3). A:Yes. Here’s a flag from China. B: There are flags from D _______(4)the world. A: That’s right. They are from191 countries. They want to bring _______(5)to the B world.

A. Yes B. peace C. want to D. all around E. flags

三. 选择填空。
1.( B ) Do you ____go to Guilin? Yes,I do . A. want B. want to C. to 2.( A ) ______ is the Summer Palace ? It’s in Beijing. A. Where B. What C. how 3.( B ) These are stamps from Canada. A. any B. some C. a 4.( A ) I want ______ to the park tomorrow. A. to go B.will go C. going 5.( B ) There ______trees and flowers in the park . A. is lots of B. are lots of C. are lot of

6.( C ) How _____ countries are in the UN ? A. any B. some C.many 7.( B ) What _____ fantastic present! A. are B. a C. an 8.( C) It’s raining now. We ______go out to play. A. must B. can C. can’t 9.( A) –Do you like_____? –Yes,______is my hobby . A. painting, painting B. paint, paint C. painting , paint 10.( C )-Where _____Simon live? –He_____in American. A. is ,lives B. are , live C. does, lives

四. 连词成句。 1. is / What / it (?) What is it? _______________________________________ 2. is / Summer / Palace/ Where /the(?) Where is the Summer Palace? _______________________________________ 3. go / Let’s / library / tomorrow / the / to(.) Let’s go to the library tomorrow. _______________________________________ 4. northeast / is / in / Shenyang / the / China / of(.) Shenyang is in the northeast of China. _______________________________________ 5. I / to /go/want/to/Beijing (.) I want to go to Beijing. _______________________________________

五. 判断改错。 1.(×)Look the map of China. Look at the map of China. _____________________________ 2. (× ) American is a very big country. America is a very big country. ____________________________ 3. (√ ) It’s got eight million people . ___________________________ 4. (√ ) What a big building ! ____________________________ 5. (× ) There is lots of things to see . There are lots of things to see. _________________________

六、按要求完成下列各题 I don’t want tofast fast food. 1.I want to eat eat food.(变否定句) 2.Does Daming want to go topark.(变一般疑问句) 2.Daming wants to go to the the park? 3.Does he want to go swimming?(做否定回答) 3.No, he doesn’t. 4.I want to visit the UN building with Simon.(对划 4.Where do you want to visit? 线部分提问) 5.I want to go out to play with my friends. 5.What do you want to do on this Sunday?(根据实 际情况回答)

七. 把下列句子翻译成汉语。
1. They

’re from 191 countries. 它们来自191个国家。 ____________________________________________ 2. They want to bring peace to the world. 它们想给世界带来和平。 ________________________________ 3. A visit to the UN. ____________________________________________ 访问联合国。 4. I want to take a photo. 我想要照张相。 __________________________________________ 5. Do you want to go inside? 你想到里面去吗? _____________________________________________

八. 阅读理解,选择最佳答案。 John is a paper boy. He delivers(投递)newspapers to different houses in his street every day. He has got about 80 customers(客户).Half of his customers only take the newspapers on weekdays, and about half take the newspapers on weekdays and on Sundays. Two of John's customers only take the newspapers on Sundays. John has to get up at 4:30 every morning to deliver his newspapers. It takes longer to deliver the newspaper on Sundays. The Sunday newspapers are twice as heavy as those on weekdays. John is saving(存) his money to buy a new bicycle. He is also saving money for college(大学). He has already saved 500 dollars.

( B ) 1. John_______every day. A. reads books B. delivers newspapers C. sells newspapers ( B ) 2. How many customers does he have? A. About 40 B. About 80 C. About 20 ( B ) 3. What time does he have to get up every morning? A. 4:30 B. 3:30 C. 5:30 ( A ) 4. _______of his customers only take the newspapers on Sundays. A. Two B. Forty C. Eighty ( B ) 5. John is saving his money to buy_______. A. a house B. a new bicycle C. a new bag

八、小作文 要求:用want to句型描述自己和家人的一次旅行 计划,用一般现在时,注意第三人称单数的使用。 My Plan I want to have a trip this winter holiday. I want to go to Beijing with my father and mother. My father wants to go to the Great Wall. My mother wants to go to the Summer Palace. I want to go to the Tian’anmen Square. We want to take some photos. This is my plan.

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