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Where are they?

They are in the library.

Lesson8 In the library

What’s in the library?
There are many books

What’s the name of the book?
Snow White

What’s the name of the book?

The Moonstone

What’s the name of the book?

The Arabian Nights

What’s the name of the book?

Sleeping Beauty

What’s this?
It’s a/an….

a library card

return a book
What is the boy doing? He is returning a book.

看看谁记 得快

Listen and read
Librarian: What can I do for you? Zhao Yu: I’d like to borrow a story book. Do you have Snow White or The Moonstone? Librarian: Yes. The Arabian Nights is interesting, too. Would you like a Chinese one or an English one? Zhao Yu: An English one. Librarian: Show me your library card, please. Can you tell me the name of the story? Zhao Yu: Yes, it’s Snow White. Librarian: Here you are. Please return it in two weeks. Zhao Yu: Ok. I will. Thank you.

Ask and answer:
1.What book does Zhao Yu want to borrow? 2. Does Zhao Yu have a library card? 3.Which does she like better, a Chinese one or an English one? 4.When will she return the book?

1.in two weeks ____ 2. here you are _____ 3. borrow a book ___4. 在图书馆_______ 5. 一本故事书______6. 用英语________ 7.一本有趣的书_____8. 借书_______ 9.借一本故事书____ 10.一本英语书____

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