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一、选出不同类的单词,将序号写在相应的括号里。 ( )1.A.door B.long C. light ( )2.A. wall B. window C. boy ( )3.A.board B. black C.blue ( )4.A. strong B. head C.thin ( )5.A. near B. on C. no 二、选出划线部分发音不同的单词。

( )1. A. like B. kite C. six ( )2. A. rice B. pig C. big ( )3. A. cake B. face C. cat ( )4. A. name B. dad C. bag ( )5. A. nose B. dog C. box 三、选择。

( )1.What colour is your schoolbag?It’s______.

A.black and white B. three C. many books

( )2.Where is the picture?_____________

A.Yes,it is. B. It’s green. C. It’s on the wall.

( )3. _________? Her name is Amy.

A.What’s his name B. What’s her name C.What’s your name

( )4. Here it is.__________.

A.OK B. Thank you C.I lost my schoolbag

( )5.What’s in your schoolbag? _____________.

A.many books B. two toys C. Many toys

( )6.What’s ___ the classroom? A board.

A.on B.in C. under

( )7. Let me help you.____________

A.Yes, it is.

B. Let’s go and see. C.Thanks.

( )8.Is he Wu Yifan? ___________

A.Yes. You are right. B. He’s tall. C. Good.

( )9.Who is he?____________.

A.She is my mom B. Her name is Amy C. Mike

( )10. He _____ glasses.

A.is B. has C. are


( )1.Let me clean the teacher’s desk.

( )2. It’s an English book.

( )3. I lost my pencil.

( )4. He is tall and strong. ( )5. She has short hair.


五、读一读,选一选。 John: Hello, Mike. _____________________ Mike: Really? _________________ John: Look! It’s blue and white. Mike:Wow! _________________

John: Yes,____________ My schoolbag is heavy. Mike: _________________?

Mike: An English book, a Chinese book, a math book and three pens.


( )Where is my seat? A. It’s black. ( )What colour is your pen? B. OK!

( )Let’s clean the classroom. C.It’s near the computer. ( )What’s in your hand? D.A boy or girl? ( )I have a new friend. E. Two eggs. 七、读一读,给下列句子排序。

( )Wow!It’s big and clean. ( )It’s near the door. ( )We have four new lights. ( )Where is my seat? ( )This is our new classroom.


keys notebook long thin desk

1.It’s in the .

2.I have a ,three in my schoolbag.

3.She is . She has hair.


My name is Linda. I am from Canada. I’m eleven years old. I have a good friend. She is a girl.Her name is Amy. She has long black hair. She has two big blue eyes, a Small mouth, and a big nose.She is very quiet and friendly. She is thin. She likes dogs.

Do you like my friend Amy?

1. Linda is from Canada. ( ) 2. Linda is ten. ( ) 3.Linda has long black hair. ( ) 4. Amy is friendly. ( ) 5. Amy is strong. (

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