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一、 录音,用“√”划出你听到的一项。6%

1、[wu:f] ( ) 2、[t u:z] ( ) 3、[‘a:tist] ( )

[wud] ( ) [d u:s ] ( ) [‘?kt?] ( )

4、[?:?] ( ) 5、[weit] ( ) 6、[ma:sk] ( )

[Λs]( ) [wait] ( ) [mΛst] ( )

三、用“ T ”或“ F ”表示你听到的句子是否符合情理。5%

1、( ) 2、( ) 3、( ) 4、( ) 5、( )

四、用“ T ”或“ F ”表示你听到的每组单词是否含有相同的元音因素。4%

1、( ) 2、( ) 3、( ) 4、( )


1.( ) A. She’s young and tall.

2.( ) B. She works in a car company.

3.( ) C. She likes English.

4.( ) D. No, he isn’t.

5.( ) E. No, he doesn’t.


A: does your mother do ?

B: She is art teacher.

A: Where does she ?

B: She in a school. She art.



use juice boot book fruit friend

[bu:t] [ju:z] [d u:s] [frend] [fru:t ] [buk]


1.policeman (复数形式)_____________2.actress(复数形式)___________

3.get (现在分词) ______________ 4.dance (名词) _____________

5.fly(第三人称单数形式)_________6.let’s (完全形式)_____________


1.He d________ a taxi. He is a driver .


3. The ['seilz, ]sell things.

4. She acts in the film. She is an ['?ktris].

d_________ pictures every day.

the streets ?


1、这位会计能帮银行理财吗? the the bank their well?


your uncle an 3这位推销员在哪里工作? the _________

4. 老师们不打算星期六教语文。

going to ________ _________on Saturdays.



1. show the for writes aunt the my writer TV ( . )

2.the help who find their can way tourists ( ? )

3. likes numbers working brother my with ( . ) 4. work Hospital do the Huaqiao in nurses ( ? ) 十三、选择正确的答案,请填入序号9% ( )1、( )2.The singers under the trees every Sunday.

A. singing B. sings C. sing

( )3、She _________to school by bike next week .

A. doesn’t go B. isn’t go C. isn’t going

( )4、She often helps her mom clothes.

A. washing B. washes C. wash

( )5、He plays football very well. He is a great .

A. game B. player C. actor

( )6、that tall man? He is my teacher.

A. What’s B. Who’s C. Where’s

( )7、does your cousin work? A car factory.

A. What’s B. Who’s C. Where’s

( )8、My mother walk home. A. like B. likes to C. likes

( )9、English?

A. he B. him C. his

十四.按要求完成句子。10% 划线部分提问______ _____ the woman do?

2.My mother writes stories in the evening..(改否定句)

My mother ________ _________ __________in the evening.

3.Does the TV reporter reporte news everyday? (改肯定句)

The TV reporter _________ __________ ________everyday. 一般疑问句)

_________he going to _____a football player one day?


I have a new friend. Her name is Sarah. She lives in Canada. Her

father works in a hospital. He is a doctor. He goes to work by car. Her

mother is a worker. She works in a factory. She goes to work by bus.

Sarah and her twin brother are both students. Sarah goes to

school by bike, but her brother Jim goes to school on foot. Sarah likes

listening to music. Her brother Jim likes watching cartoons on TV.

Sarah usually plays at the park on Sunday. Jim usually makes planes.

They don’t look the same. They don’t like the same things, either.

Sarah is from_______. She and Jim are ______.They don’t look

the _______and they like the _______ things.Their father ________ in

a hospital .Their mother is a_____.She __________ a ________to the


2.What’s Jim’ 1.What does Sarah’


一、 听录音,用“√”划出你听到的一项。6%

1、[wu:f] (√ ) 2、[t u:z] ( ) 3、[‘a:tist] ( )

[wud] ( ) [d u:s ] (√ ) [‘?kt?] ( √ )

4、[?:?] ( ) 5、[weit] (√ ) 6、[ma:sk] (√ )

[Λs]( √ ) [wait] ( ) [mΛst] ( ) 二、根据录音内容,完成下列表格。6%

A:Hello,Mary. What do you do?

B:I’m a mailperson. I works in a post office. I go to work by car. A:What about your father’s job?

B: My father is an engineer. He works in a shoe factory. He goes to work by bus.

A: Does your mother work in a school?

B: No, she works in a hospital. She is a doctor. She goes to work by subway.

用“ T ”或“ F ”表示你听到的句子是否符合情理。5%

1、If you good at writing, you can be an artist.

2、A salesman is a man.

3、A teacher helps the bank use their money well.

4、If you like math and drawing, you can work for the police.

5、Her sister likes dancing, she is going to be a dancer.

四、 用“ T ”或“ F ”表示你听到的每组单词是否含有相同的元音因素。

1、food . foot 2、traffic. plane 3、walk work 4、please .teacher 五、 听读句子,选出其答语,请填入序号。5%

1.( )Where does your sister work? .

2.( )What does your sister like?

3.( )Is your brother a worker?

4.( )What’s your sister like?

5.( )Does your brother work in a bank?


A: does your mother do ?

B: She is .

A: Where does she ?

B: She in a school. She art.

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