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PEP 小学英语五年级(上) Unit4 What can you do?
B Read and write

1.听说读写句型Can you------?Yes,I can. No,I can't. 2.听说认读句子I can play chess. 3.培养简单的阅读能力。 4.知道热爱劳动,帮助他人。

Group work.
快乐的假日.Can you _______?

What else(别的) can the robot do?


It can talk(说话) with us. It can tell stories (讲 故事)in English. It can work with its hands.

The robot can sing and dance very well.

It can walk/run with its legs.

I can’t cook the meals. Can you?

Sorry, I can’t.

Who can? I can cook the meals.

I can

I can’t

Who can?

Hello, boys and girls! In your class,Qiu Shuailin can play computer games. Hou Jiaping can cook the meals. Liu Nian can wash the clothes. Zhang Wanqi can do the dishes. Liu Yang can play the guitar(弹吉他). Wang Ying can ride a bike(骑自行车). Zhang Shuai can draw pictures. You are very very helpful!

We should love labor! 我们应该热爱劳动! We should help others! 我们应该帮助他人!

一.补充句子 1. Can you_________________(铺床)? make the bed No,__________. I can't. 2.Can you__________________(使用电脑)? use a computer I can. Yes,__________.

二.Read and answer
My name's Ann. I have a happy family. We share the house. My father can cook the meals. My mother can wash the clothes. I can put waytheclothes. My sister can do the dishes. My brother can make the bed.

She can put away the clothes. 1. What can Ann do?_________________________
Yes,he can 2.Can her father cook the meals?________________

She can wash the clothes. 3. What can her mother do?____________________
She can do the dishes. 4.What can her sister do? ____________________

He can make the bed. 5. What can her brother do?_____________________

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