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一、 听句子选出句中所包含的单词:5分

( )1. A.wash B.washed C.washing D.washed

( )2. A. happy B.excited C. tired D.angry

( )3. A.tall B.taller C.short D.shorter

( )4. A.go B.went C.want D.goes

( )5. A.big B.biger C.bigger D.strong

二、 听问句选答语:5分

( ) 1. A.I’m fine. B.I’m nine. C.I’m 50kg.

( ) 2. A.The elephant. B. The cat.

( ) 3. A.I’m angry B.I have a headache. C. I feel sick.

( ) 4. A.Yes, I do. B.Yes, I did. C.No,I did.

( ) 5. A.It’s black. B.It’s a clock. C.It’s four o’clock.

三、 听短文判断正误:10分

( ) 1. Jenny’s family was very busy last weekend.

( ) 2. Jenny cleaned the floor yesterday.

( ) 3. Bob washed his clothes.

( ) 4. Father cooked supper.

( ) 5. Mother read a newspaper.


Today was a fun day. I______my_________, then I _____to Amy’s home in the morning. we ______a story book, then we ______to a park by______. We __________some elephants and _______a_______, we took some________. We were__________.


一、 按要求写词语:10分

one (序数词) longer (反义词) thin (比较级)

tooth (复数) I (同音词) swim (现在分词) have (第三人称单数) read (过去式) buy(过去式)

doesn’t (完全形式)

二、 选择:15分

( ) 1. What_____Amy_____last weekend ?

A. did, do B. do, do C. does, do

( ) 2. Mike _____his clothes everyday.

A. wash B.washes C.washed

( ) 3. We ______have a football match tomorrow.

A. are going B.are go to C. are going to

( ) 4. I failed my English test. I am ______.

A. happy B.sad C.excited.

( ) 5. How____you feeling?

----- I’m feeling better.

A. am B. are C. do

( ) 6. It’s raining outside. Tom______bored.

A. feel B. does C. feels

小学六年级英语下册期末试题 1/4

( ) 7.What did you do yesterday?

----- I _____skiing.

A. go B.goed C.went

( ) 8. How _____are you ?

----- I’m 160 cm tall.

A. old B.tall C.heavy

( ) 9. My nose______.

A. hurt B. hurts C. is hurting

( ) 10. ______is it ?

-----It’s Tuesday.

A. What day B. What colour C. What

( ) 11. Look, they are_____the insects carefully.

A. watch B.watching C.watched

( ) 12. He is an _____, he draws pictures.

A. actor B.cleaner C.artist

( ) 13. I played ____piano.

A. \ B.the C.a

( ) 14. I get up ___7:oo___the morning.

A. at at B. at in C.in in

( ) 15. I like to go ____on Sundays.

A. fishing B. to fish C.fish


1. likes he listening music to

2. did you there how go

3. do you when Beijing to go

4. have I throat sore a

5. two years I’m than you younger

四、 连线:10分

1. What did you do yesterday ? A.I feel sick.

2. How do you feel ? B.I climbed a mountain.

3. What’s the date ? C.October 1st.

4. Where did you go ? D.Yes , I did.

5. Did you learn English ? E.I went to Xinjiang.

五、 情景交际:5分

1. 你想约你的朋友周末去滑冰,你可以说:( )

A.Let's go fishing this weekend. B.Let's go hiking this weekend.

C.Let's go ice-skating this weekend.

2. 当别人跟你说:May I borrow your dictionary?你回答说:( )

A.OK,here you are. B.Fine. C.I don't think so.

小学六年级英语下册期末试题 2/4

3. 当别人发生不幸的时候你可以问:( )

A.Not at all. B.I'm sorry to hear that. C.You're welcome.

4. 当你想问别人邮局在哪时,你应先说:( )

A.I' m sorry. B.Hi. C.Excuse me.

5. 当有人对你说Happy birthday to you!时,你应说:( )

A.You too. B.The same. C.Thank you.

六、 阅读短文,选择正确答案:10分

Jack and John are twins. They are good at English. They like to swim and ride bikes in their holidays. They like to fly kites too. They often fly kites near the lake. But they not all the same .Jack likes playing football, but John likes playing ping-pong. Jack likes listening to music, but Jonh likes drawing pictures. They often help each other.

1. What are they good at ?( )

A. English B. Math C. Chinese D. Science

2. What do they like to do in their holiday ? ( )

A. Play ping-pong and run.

B. Swim and ride bikes.

C. Swim and play basketball.

D. Play ping-pong and ride bikes.

3. Where do they fly kites ? ( )

A. Near the lake. B. In the park.

C. On the beach. D. Near the river.

4.Who likes playing football ? ( )

A. Jack B. John C.Jack and John

5. Do they often help each other ? ( )

A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t.

C. Yes, they do. D. No, they doesn’t.


1、介绍自己上周末的活动:What did you do last weekend ?

2、写一写你自己(内容可以是你; 你的家庭;你的朋友……)

Write about youself (you, your family, your friend……)


2、与主题有关、条理清楚、意思连贯、语句通顺、标点正确、书写规范。 3、50个单词左右。

小学六年级英语下册期末试题 3/4

小学六年级英语下册期末试题参考答案 听力材料:

一、1. I’m washing my clothes now .

2. I’m excited, I’m going on a big trip.

3. Tom is taller than Amy.

4. I went skiing last Saturday.

5. You’re bigger and stronger than me.

二、1. How old are you ?

2. Which animal is heavier,the elephant or the cat ?

3. What’s the matter ?

4. Did you read a book ?

5. What time is it ?

三、Jenny’s family was very busy yesterday, she cleaned the floor, her brother Bob washed his clothes, her mother cooked supper and her father read a newspaper, and the dog played with a small ball.

四、Today was a fun day. I did my homework, then I walked to Amy’s home in the morning we read a story book, then we went to a park by bike. We saw some elephants and rowed a boat, we took some pictures. We were happy.


一、C B B B C

二、B A B B C

三、× √ √ × ×

四、did homework walked read went bike saw rowed boat pictures happy


一、 first shorter thinner teeth eye swimming has read bought does not

二、 A B C B B



三、 1.He likes listening to music.

2.How did you go there ?

3.When do you go to Beijing?

4.I have a sore throat.

5.I’m two years younger than you.

四、1B 2A 3C 4E 5D

五、C A B C C

六、A B A A C

小学六年级英语下册期末试题 4/4

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