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听力部分 30’

一、 听录音,选出你所听到的选项 10’

( )1. A. sunny B.windy C. snowy

( )2. A. contest B. concert C. course

( )3. A. younger B. stronger C. shorter

( )4. A. lift B. left C. ship

( )5. A. machine B. middle C.minute

( )6. A. 9:20 B. 10:20 C. 9:40

( )7. A. envolope B. elephant C. telephone

( )8. A. 83779164 B. 83797164 C. 83779614

( )9. A. go rowing B. go skating C. go skiing

( )10. A. write letter B. write an e-mail C. write to Peter

二、 听录音,根据问题选择正确的答案 5’

( )1. A. Yes, they do. B. No, they don’t. C. Yes, they did.

( )2.A. There are twelve. B. There are four . C. There are seven.

( )3. A. Yes, I do. B. I like summer. C. Dogs.

( )4. A. Jim doesn’t jump far. B. Mike is, I think. C. Ben does.

( )5. A. It’s yours. B. They’re David’s. C. They’re not mine.

三、 听录音,根据对话选择正确的答案 5’

( )1. A. He’s from England. B. He’s from France. C. He’s from the USA.

( )2. A. Seven. B. Nine. C.


( ) 3. A. 14. B.40 C.4

( ) 4. A. It’s on Zhongshan Road. B. It’s on Renmin Road.

C. It’s near the cinema.

( )5. A. No, it’s warm. B. Yes, it is. C. It’s often windy.


This ,GanShan and his are to have a .They some food.They are going to some food and drinks at the shopping near the library.WangBing isn’t going them, he and his are going to see a Beijing in the cinema.

笔试部分 70’


1. 擅长游泳_____________________ 6. every five


2. 参加_________________ 7. by the


3. 去远足__________________ 8. some warmer clothes ______________

4. 在音乐会上 __________________ 9. swim faster than me __________________

5. 一个购物中心_____________________10. make noise___________


1. child(复数) _____________________ 6. five(序数


2. I(名词性物主代词)_____________ 7. right(同音


3. stop(过去式)__________________ 8. teachers(名词所有格)______________

4. heavy(比较级) __________________ 9. I’d(完全式) __________________

5. they(宾格)_____________________10. late(反义词)___________

七、用所给词的正确形式填空 10’ 1. My school bag is (big) than (she). 2. Nancy (want) (buy) a kite just now.

3. Look, the boy is ___________(skate) ___________(good).

4. _____________noise now. The boy is sleeping. (not make) 5. It is often in Wuxi. (rain)

6. My mother likes__________(watch) TV. She (watch) TV this evening.

八、选出最合适的一个选项 10’

( ) 1. It’s ten in ______ morning. We’re having _______ Art lesson. We have two Art lessons ______ week.

A. the, a, a B. the, an, a C. a, an , a

( ) 2. Where _____ my bag? It _______ here now. It ______ here just now.

A. is, is, was B. was, isn’t, was C. is, isn’t, was ( ) 3.He is talking his cousin it.

A. to, with B. to, about C. with, about

( ) 4. Shall we ________ you?

A. join B. take part in C. to take part in

( ) 5. My English is very ______, and David can speak French ______ .

A. good, well B. good, good C. well, good

( ) 6. can I get to the cinema and way shall I go?

A. How, which B. Where, which C. Which, what

( ) 7. Take_______ your coat. It’s time _______ bed.

A. off, to go B. for, go to C. off, for

( ) 8. Who’s that speaking? _______ Nancy.

A. She’s B. I’m C. It’s

( ) 9. I’m as as you, but I’m than you.

A. tall, heavy B. tall, heavier C. taller, heavier ( ) 10. Jim playing basketball.

A. isn’t good at B. do well in C. doesn’t well in


1、Mike saw a wallet on the ground yesterday.(一般疑问并否定回答) Mike a wallet on the ground yesterday.No,he .

2、She is good at English.(同义句)She English.

3 、They are sweeping the floor in the classroom.(划线提问) they in the classroom?

4 、It’s sunny today. (划线提问) the today?

5、People usually eat mooncakes at the Mid-autumn Festival. (划线提问) people usually at the Mid-autumn Festival?

6 、It is a nice diary.(改成复数) nice .

7 I’m going to the History Museum.(划线提问) are you ?


1、 ( )I get up at 6:30 yesterday morning.

A B C D 2 ( )You can take bus No.3 to get to there.

A B C D 3 ( )They are talking to their plans for the weekend.

A B C D 4 ( )Are there any milk in the fridge?


5 ( )Children’s Day is at the first of June.



Jane is only four and doesn’t go to school. But she is very clever and learns a lot from her grandpa---an old teacher. One day, Jane’s mother, Mrs John takes her to a party. The guests(客人)all practise(训练)a rich woman’s boy. Mrs John asks him a few questions, but all his answers are wrong. Jane begins to laugh at him. The rich woman is angry(生气). She tells her friend---a teacher to ask Jane some questions, but the girl answers all the questions. Then she asks, “There’re three birds in the tree. How many will be left(剩下的)if I kill(杀死)one?”

“One!” answers Jane. “You’re wrong!” shouts the rich woman, “All of them will fly away!”

“Do you think a dead(死的) bird can fly?” asks the little girl. The guests begin to laugh and the woman’s face turns red.

( ) 1. Jane learns a lot from her .

A. grandma B. teacher C. grandpa

( ) 2. How many teachers are there in the story?

A. one B. two C. three

( ) 3. Who is clever?

A. Mrs John B. Jane C. The rich woman

( ) 4. One bird can’t fly away because .

A. it is in the tree. B. it is dead C. it wants to see Jane

( ) 5. Why is the rich woman angry with Jane? Because .

A. Jane is a clever girl. B. Jane can answer all the questions.

C. Her son can’t answer the questions and Jane laughs at him.

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