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介词、代词、there be填空练习题

1. Please look the blackboard. Don’t listen the teacher.

2. I can see a kite the wall.Is Han Meimei duty today?

3. The woman the coat is Mrs Brown.This is a picture our school.

4. Wuxi is Jiangsu. I am Class One.

They are Grade Two. What’s this English?

5. Can you sing this song Japanese? The boy the green bike is Tom.

6. You can’t see the broom. It’s the door. You must look your watch.

7. We are home. Jim is

8. The apples are the tree. Now Tom is the tree.

9. Look! The old man is the tree. The girl her mother and father is American.

10. Please give the books Jim. It’s seven twenty.

11. We go to school seven. Show these pictures your teacher.

12. It’s time go school. It’s not time home.

13. I watch TV eight the morning. Put it , please. Don’t take it 14. Is this a doctor a teacher? Are Lily Lucy his daughters?

二. 用适当的代词填空:

1. trousers? No, aren’t. are blue.(they)

2. Tom, where’s bike? Is this black bike ?

No, it isn’t(my,mine,your,yours)

3. What’s the woman’s name? name is Gao Hui. is an English teacher.(she,her,his,she’s)

4. are twins, names are Lucy and Lily. look like parents.(they)

5. am an English teacher. name is Ma Ying.( I )

6. is good friend. all like .(he,him,we,you,our)

7. Can help ? Yes, can.(her,she,I,you)

8. Give an apple, please. Which one is .(he)

9. Where is photo? Is that yours? No, that’s not . is black.( I )

10. Li Ming and I are boys. are good friends. parents are all teachers.

11. Ann and you are girls. are English. Chinese teacher is Mrs. Wang.

12. This is classroom. is small. But is big.(ours,their,theirs)

13. These are grapes. Please put on the table.(it,they,them)

is young. Let help .(she,her,hers,we,us)

have some pen-friends. like to write to 三. 用have, has, there is和there are填空:

1. I some books in it.

2. Tom a father. His father an old car.

3. Tom and his father some oranges.

4. a cat in the tree. The cat two big eyes.

5. Do you a watch?

6. five people in my family.

7. My sister some desks in it.

8. a desk and some flowers in my room.

9. some flowers and a desk in my room.

10. We all one head.

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