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姓名 分数

一、找出句中的错误,并加以改正。(10分) ( )1.Do you like swimming and skating? I like skating.

A B C D ( )2.He isn't as taller as his brother. A B C D ( )3.My sister is thiner than me.

A B C D ( )4.Nancy's five year older than her cousin.

A B C D ( )5.My bag is lighter than him.


二、单项选择。(10分) ( )1. fatter, this woman or that woman?

A.Who B.Who's C.Whose D.What's ( )2.My parent and I often go shopping Saturday evening.

A.in B.at C.on D. / ( )3.Tom's hair is longer than .

A.Me B.Her C.My D.yours

( )4.—Do you have brothers sister? —No, I don't.

A.any…and B.any…or C.some…and D.some…or ( )5.Shall we go to the music room? I want the piano.

A.play B.see C.to buy D.to play

( )6.— Mr Wang have lunch at school yesterday?

—Yes. He often lunch at school.

A.Does…have B.Do…had C.Does…has D.Did…has ( )7.The had English party last week. It was interesting part


A.an…a B.an…an C.an…the D.the…an ( )8.The twin brothers look , but they are in different .

A.the same…class B.same…classes

C.different…school D.the same…classes ( )9.Look, the girls under the big tree.

A.sit B.sitting C.are sitting D.sat ( )10.I'm 13 years old and Liu Tao is 14. So .

A.he's younger than me B.I'm older than him

C.he's one year older D.I'm as old as him ( )11.Look! Wang Bing is getting the bus.

A.up B.for C.on D.away ( )12.Lily a twin brother, and she is than him.

A.is,taller B.has,tall C.has,as tall as D.has,taller ( )13. stops are there to the park?

A.How often B.How many C.How long D.How much ( )14.A: is it from here? B:It's ten kilometres.

A.How far,about B.How long,not

C.How away,only D.How far,along ( )15.Sorry, I'm late. I'll get up tomorrow.

A.earlyer B.earlier C.early D.earliest ( )16.A: are you going? B:I'm going the bus stop.

A.What,to B.How,at C.Where,to D.When,at ( )17.Mr Green fast and he likes in the morning.

A.run,run B.run,to run

C.running,running D.runs,running

( )18.A:Where's the park? B:It's on Beijing Road. It's about two kilometres .

A.long B.away C.far D.to ( )19.Look, the bus is coming. Let's it.

A.get on B.get off C.get away D.get of ( )20.Excuse me, can you tell me the way the cinema?

A.of B.to C.in D.on

三、用所给单词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1.He's not as (strong) as the other children. 2.Look! They're (have a chat). 3.I jump (high) than Liu Tao. 4.Which is (heavy), the bear or the elephant? 5.Have a good rest. You'll get (good) soon. 6.A:What (do) Yang Ling often do after school? B:He (go) home and (draw) some pictures. 7.A:What (do) Su Hai do last Sunday morning? B:She (go) for a walk in the park.


姓名 分数

一、用所给形容词或副词的适当形式填空。(20分) 1.Do more exercise. We'll get (strong). 2.Nancy is good at music. She can sing and dance (beautiful). 3.Gao Shan's school bag is (heavy) than mine. 4.You can jump (high). I can jump (high) than you. 5.We can read the new words (well). Helen can read then (well) than all of us. 6.You should get up (early) than before. 7.I can't run (fast) than you. But I can jump (far) than you.



( )1.Are bears as big as rabbits? A.You can take a No.3 bus.

( )2.How can I get there? B.No.It's about a kilometre away.

( )3.Whose ruler is longer? C.Only one.

( )4.Is it far from here? D.No,they aren't.

( )5.Does she swim faster than you? E.Me,too.

( )6.Can you show me the way to F.No,she doesn't.

Jinling Hotel?

( )7.How many stops are there? G.Sure. Come with me.

( )8.I'm good at English. H.Yes, he does.

( )9.Is Wang Bing as tall as Liu Tao? I.Mike is.

( )10.Who's taller,Tom or Mike? J.Helen's.


( )1.Do you have any problems A.I get up at six thirty.

with your homework?

( )2.What time do you get up? B.I'm sorry.The traffic was heavy.

( )3.How about going out for a C.I'm good at Chinese.

walk around the lake?

( )4.Can you jump higher than Ben? D.Yes, there are.

( )5.What's the matter? E.Yes,she is.

( )6.Is your mother good at driving F.That's a good idea.

a car?

( )7.Are there any butterflies? G.I have some problems with English.

( )8.You're late. H.Liu Tao's.

( )9.What are you good at? I.Yes. I can.

( )10.Whose school bag is heavier? J.No. I don't.


1.take, bus, we, No. 5, can .

2.minutes, every, a, there's, bus, five .

3.crossing, second, right, at, turn, the .

4.way, the, to, me, tell, the, you, cinema, can ?

5.office, city, the, to, want, to, go, I, post

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