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一、(找出一个划线部分读音不同的一个,将其序号填入题前括号中) ( )1.

( ) 2.

( )3. A.what B. want C. about

( )4. A. course B. bored C.ours

( )5. A. chess B. school C. chair

( )6. A.angry B. play C.game


1.find (过去式) ____________ 2. would(否定形式) _________

3. win(表示人的名词) ________ 4. lose(过去式) ____________

5.love(同义词)____________ 6.skip (--ing形式) ____________


1. 感到生气 ___________ 2. 赢一场象棋比赛 ___________

3. 出去玩________________ 4. 在农场上 ___________

5. all day _____________ 6. of course ______________

7.some nice noodle soup _____ 8. a present for you__________

9. in the playground ___________ 10.做早操 _______________


( )1. She ____to my house yesterday.

A. come B. comes C. came

( )2. -----______do you get up in the morning? -----At 6:30.

A. What B.Where C. What time

( )3. Do you like Tom _____ games with you?

A. playing B.played C. plays

( )4.The bell ___. Then we went______the classroom.

A. rang,into B. ring,to C. rings ,to

( )5.We ____school on Sunday.

A. don’t start B. aren’t start C. didn’t start ( )6. Do you want to play______chess?

A.a B. an C./

( )7.I’m thinking_____ the exam.

A. with B. about C. to

( )8. The flowers ______ nice.

A. looks B. is C. smell(闻)

( )9.I’ll make a cake ______ you _____your birthday.

A. for,on B.to,on C. for ,in

( )10. Are you _____angry now?

A. feel B.feels C. feeling


1. Listen, she _______(play) the piano.

2. Mum likes_____(help) others(别人).

3. Daming______(go) to London tomorrow.

4. It is _______(rain) now.

5. He can’t _____ ( find) his bag.

6.He is _____(feel) sad.


Today is sunny. Mother cat and her son(儿子) are fishing on the bank(岸) of a river. The son sees a bird in a tree. He’s very happy. He wants to catch the bird. But he can’t catch it. Then he sees a butterfly(蝴蝶). He wants to catch it,too. But he can’t catch it. He sees his mother catches a lot of fish.He wants to catch fish,too.But he can’t.

It’s dark now.They have to go home.Mother cat is happy ,but her son is sad.


( ) 1.Today is sunny.

( ) 2.Mother cat and her son are fishing.

( ) 3.The son catches a lot of fish.


( ) 1.The son sees a _______in a tree. A.bird B.cat C.butterfly

( ) 2.He wants to catch ______.

A .the bird B. fish C. the butterfly D. A ,Band C

( ) 3.____is happy. A.Mother cat B.Her son C.The bird


请你以My Sunday为题写一篇作文。



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