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Walking, walking. Hop, hop, hop. Running, running, running. Now let’s stop, now, let’s stop.

26个字母的 手写体


A aB bC c D d E e F f G g

H hI J i j

K k L lM m N n

Oxford English

Module 3 Places and activities


At the fruit shop

a banana

an orange an apple a pear

6 4 11 7
bananas apples pears oranges

Look at the apples.One, two, ……… pears. oranges. One, two, bananas.One, two, pears. 7 oranges. bananas. apples.

116 4

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. Can I help you? Here you are. Thank you!

Four bananas, please. Goodbye!

Good _______.

Good _______. Can I help you?
________. Thank you!

___ ____(s), please.


_____ _____(s), please .

Here you are.

Thank you! How much _____ _____?

_____ yuan, please.

Good morning. Good morning. Three pears, please.

Here you are.

Thank you. How much are they? Five yuan, please.

S1: What do you like? S2: I like…

S1: Goodbye. S3: Goodbye.

S1: Good _____. S3: Good _____. Can I help you? S2: _____ ______, please. S3: Here you are. S2: Thank you! How much are they? S3: ____ yuan, please. S1: Here you are. S2: Thank you! S3: You’re welcome.

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