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朗文版5A unit 3

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Chapter 3 What’s the matter ?


1. matter 2. stomachache 3. cold 4. broken arm 5. cough 6. sore throat 7. headache 8. fever 9. medicine 10. toothache 11. expensive

12. sick be sick/ sick people 课堂小练


m tt s mach 事情 胃疼 b k a c gh 手臂骨折 咳嗽 h da e fe 头疼 发烧

c d 感冒

s e th at 喉咙痛 me c ne 药

t ache pen ve s k

牙 贵的 生病的


1. have a cold/ stomachache/ cough/ sore throat/ fever/ headache/

toothache 患……

2. feel well/ unwell/tired

3. once/ twice/ three times a ……

4. at least

5. should +V原

6. tell a jokes= tell jokes

7. feel a pain

8. fell better

9. a week later

10. take some medicine

11. rest in bed

12. eat more fruit

13. drink more water

14. see a doctor

15. catch a cold= have a cold


1. 我患感冒了。

I .


Jim yesterday.

2. 我感到很累。

I .

3. Tom一周看一次电视。

Tom TV .

4. 学生应该多吃水果。

Students should .

5. 爸爸经常讲笑话。

My father .

6. 昨天,我感到不舒服。

Yesterday, I .

7. 今天,Kate感觉好点了。

Today, Kate .

8. 一周后,我们将要参加艺术俱乐部。

We the Art Club

9. 医生叫我们吃些药。

The asks us to .

10. 你应该卧床休息。

You .

11. 多吃水果对你有好处。

It is good for you to

12. 如果你发烧了,你应该多喝水。

If you have a fever, you should .

13. 你必须马上看医生。

You must at once.

14. 上个星期,妈妈胃疼了。

My mother


1. What’s the matter (with you)?

I feel…..

2. 电话用语:

A: Hello. May I speak to…, please?

B: Speaking.

A: Hi, … This is …

3. I am sorry to hear that.

4. Take care.

5. How often do you…?

Never/ seldom/ sometimes/ often/ usually/ always/ once…a …

6. How far can you reach?

The words for the Get Well card

1. Cheer up

2. Have a good rest

3. Hope you will be better soon.

4. Get well soon.

5. Look after yourself.


( ) 1. We must _______ to school from Monday to Friday.

A. going B. goes C. go

( ) 2. _______he_______to the tape every morning?

A. Does, listen B. Is, listening C. Does, listens

( ) 3. Jack's favourite sport is________.

A. skip B. skips C. skipping

( ) 4. Her mother always _______shopping at the weekend.

A. goes B. go C. going

( ) 5. We_ go shopping in the evening. The shops are not open in the evening.

A. never B. sometimes C. usually

( ) 6. ---How ______ do you take exercise?

--- Every day. A. much B. many C. often

( ) 7. Would you like _______ shopping with me tomorrow?

A. go B. going C. to go

( ) 8. What ______ your mother usually _______ ______ the weekend?

A. do, do, at B. does, do, on C. does, do, at

( ) 9. My mother never watches TV ______ the morning.


(1)Geese can't ___________(fly), but they can__________(swim).

(2)There are many people in the park. They___________(run).

A. in B. on C. at

(3)Listen! Those three girls____________(speak)Russian.

(4)Everyone _________(have) his own gift.

(5)Janet sometimes__________(write)letters to her grandmother in America.

(6)My father ______________(not often)____________(watch) TV after dinner.

(7)The little girl usually_____________(practise) the violin for an hour.

(8)I would like____________(go) swimming.

(9)How often__________(do)your mother___________(go) shopping?

(10)Look, the children _______________(play) football.


Doctor: You look pale! 1) __________ the matter?

Man: I don’t know. I always 2) _____ tried.

Doctor: Do you 3) _______ a headache or a fever?

Man: No, I don’t.

Doctor: Let me 4) ________ you a checkup?

Man: What’s wrong with me, doctor?

Doctor: Nothing. Do you sleep well in the evening?

Man: No, not really. Sometimes I can’t 5) ______ at all.

Doctor: Do you go to bed late?

Man: Yes, I do.

Doctor: What’s your 6) ______________?

Man: I’m a manager, a busy (忙碌的) bank manager. I go home from work late and go to bed late.

Doctor: I see. Do you play any sports?

Man: No, I’m always busy with my work, I don’ t have any 7)__________ for sports. Doctor: Don’t work so hard. 8) __________ some exercise every day. You will be fine.

Man: Thank you, doctor.

( )1. A. What’s

B. How’s C. Where’s

( )2. A. want ( )3. A. feel ( )4. A. take

B. think B. have B. show

C. feel C. pain C. give C. sleep C. family C. money C. take

( )5. A. get up ( )6. A. name ( )7. A. time ( )8. A. play

B. wake up B. job

B. place B. go

四、阅读理解, 读短文,看下面的句子是否与短文的意思一致,如一致,在括号内写“T”,否则写“F”。


Billy is only six years old .He likes swimming very much .He often goes to the swimming pool near his home with his mother .He can not swim very well, but he likes swimming. Today is Sunday, his parents take him to the sea(大海)by car. Both of Billy’s parents are good at swimming and they think that Billy doesn’t think he can swim in the sea .He looks at the sea and he is not very happy .He stands at the seaside and asks his mother ,”Where is the shallow end (浅水区)? ( )1. There is a swimming pool near Billy’s house ( )2. Billy is good at swimming . ( )3. Billy’s parents can’t swim at all.

( )4. Today is Sunday .Billy and his family go to the sea . ( )5. Billy can swim in the sea very well. ( )6. Seaside means “海边’’


Ben: Hello, David. Tomorrow I am going to sunny Australia! It’s so warm there. I can swim all


David: But it’s winter time.

Ben: When it’s winter in China, it’s summer in Australia. Where are you going on holiday?

David: I am going to Russia. It’s winter there. I can skate.

Ben: Do you have warm clothes?

David: Of course! I have winter coat and some new nice skates too.

Ben: I have a bathing suit(泳衣) and sunglasses. How do I look?

David: Cool! Time to go. See you!

Ben: See you!

(After they get to the place, they find something wrong.)

Ben: Oh, my god. Where are my bathing suit and sunglasses?

David: Oh, no. This is not my suitcase.(旅行箱). How can I skate with a bathing suit?

( ) 1. Ben is going to Australia on holiday.

( ) 2. Ben likes swimming very much.

( ) 3. David would like to skate in Canada.

( ) 4. When it’s winter in China, it’s winter in Australia.

( ) 5. David takes a bathing suit in his suitcase.

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