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4月1日愚人节(April Fools' Day) 4月5日清明节(Tomb-sweeping Day) 4月7日世界卫生日(World Health Day) 4月22日世界地球日(World Earth Day) 4月26日世界知识产权日(World Intellectual Property Day) 世界卫生日(4月7日)-----WORLD HEALTH DAY 国际秘书节(4月25日)-----INTERNATIONAL SECRETARY DAY 宋干节(泰国新年4月13日)----------------SONGKRAN FESTIVAL DAY 食品节(新加坡,4月17日)----------------FOOD FESTIVAL 4日 匈牙利国庆日---------Liberation Day (HUNGARY) 塞内加尔独立日-------Independence Day (SENEGAL) 11日 乌干达解放日---------Liberation Day (UGANDA) 16日 丹麦女王日-----------Birthday of Her majesty Queen MargretheⅡ (DENMARK) 17日 叙利亚国庆日---------National Day (SYRIA) 18日 津巴布韦独立日-------Independence Day (ZIMBABWE) 19日 委内瑞拉独立节-------Independence Day (Venezuela) 26日 塞拉里昂共和国日-----Republic Day (SIFRRA LEONE) 坦桑尼亚联合日-------Union Day (TANZANIA) 27日 多哥独立日-----------Independence Day (TOGO) 29日 日本天皇诞辰---------Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor (JAPAN) 30日 荷兰女王日-----------Queen's Day (THE NETHERLANDS) 4月***日 复活节(Easter)(一般指春分月圆后第一个星期日) 复活节是基督教纪念耶稣复活的一个宗教节日。每年,春分过去, 第一次月圆后的第一个星期日就是复活节。日期年年不同, 一般在3月22日至4月25日之间。



1 We can see twinkle _______ stars little at night.

2 Don’t throw the _________. litter
3 The old like to write _________. letters

class meeting


World Earth Day is from America. In 2009, the United Nations (联合国)designated April 22 International Mother Earth Day. Earth Day is now globally(全球性的) and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year. It reminds(号召) people to care about the Earth and protect the natural environment(环境). Since 1990s, China organized(组织) such activities.

Solar System

planets A large body in space that moves round a star, esp. round the sun
行星:水星Mercury、金星Venus、地球Earth、火星Mars、木星Jupiter 、Saturn土星。


The Earth looks like a big, big round ball. It is one of the planets around the sun. A small part of the surface is land the bigger part of the surface is water. There are lots of people loving on the Earth. It is our homeland. There are animals and trees on the Earth. We should do something to save our planet.

1 The passage is about ___________ . the Earth

round 2 The earth is ________ .
3 There are two parts, they are ______ and land ________ on the earth. people

Everyone should do something to save our planet .

How do we save our planet?
to make safe from danger

We can save water, energy and paper.
to make unnecessary the electrical energy the energy of the sun the energy of the w

ind 1 We can _____ paper by writing both sides. save 2 Please _____ the wandering dogs and cats. save

What can do we do to protect the environment?
to protect the animals to protect the environment

We can … We shouldn’t…

What can do we do to protect the environment?

We shouldn’t…

We can …

Seeking friends party
1 read the words on your paper 2 find the key words of the expressions 3 Ask: A: What’s your sentence? B: My sentence is … A: Are we friends? B: Yes. That’s good! (I’m afraid not, it’s a pity!) 4 Show your passages.

Read the dialogue
The new dialogue of your topic 1 greetings 2 show your topic 3 shouldn’t, can

The passage of your topic 1 Earth Day 2 Everybody … 3 We shouldn’t 4 can

Homework: 1 Listen ,read and say something about the dialogue. 2 Make your new dialogue or new passage about Earth Day. 3 Get to know more about Earth Day.

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