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朗文版5A unit 2

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1. 喂宝宝

2. 带宝宝去散步

3. 给宝宝读故事书

4. 给宝宝洗澡

5. 给宝宝照相

6. 给宝宝穿衣服

7. 教宝宝学诗歌

8. 和宝宝分享我的玩具

9. 有宝宝

一 、填空。

1. 我打算明天和朋友去野炊。

I_____ _______ _________ have a picnic with my friends.

I ________ have a picnic with my friends.

2. 下个星期一你打算去干嘛? 我想去打篮球。

What ________ ________ _________ _________ _________ next Monday? I _______ ______ _____ play basketball.

What _________ you do next Monday? I ________ play basketball.

3. 你妈妈这个周末去购物吗?是,她要去买一些水果。

_____ your mother _______ ________ go shopping this ___________? Yes, she _________. She ______ ________ __________ buy some fruit.


What time _______ you _________ __________ meet?



2. 同它一起玩

3. 搬家

4. 去一个新的学校

5. 交一些新朋友

6. 有一个新的保姆

7. 同她一起去市场

8. 教她汉语

9. 每天带它出去散步

10. 同爷爷一起生活

11. 同他一起喝茶


play chess with him go to a new school move home play with it make some new friends get a new dog live with Grandpa take it for a walk every day go to the market with her teach her Chinese drink tea with him have a new helper

Chapter 2 turning over a new leaf


1. win the swimming competition 赢得游泳比赛

2. practice swimming harder 更努力地练习游泳

3. learn Japanese 学习日语

4. keep fit 保持健康

5. get high marks 考到高分

6. play more sport 做更多运动

7. take a Japanese course 上日语课

8. work hard 努力学习

9. put on weight 增加体重

10. make more friends 交更多的朋友

11. draw well 画画画得好

12. improve my English 提高英语

13. read more English books 读更多的英语书

14. eat more 吃更多东西

15. join the Clubs 加入社团;加入俱乐部


1. What do you want to do? 你想做什么?

I want to win the swimming competition so I’m going to practice swimming harder.





1. 她想做什么?


What she She to her English, she read more English .

2. 我想学习日语,所以我将要上日语课。

3. Tom 想保持健康,所以他将要做更多运动。

4. Helen想考到高分,所以她将要努力学习。

5. Anna 想增加体重,所以她将要吃更多。

6. Ben 想交跟多的朋友,所以他将要参加俱乐部。

7. Sally想画画画得更好,所以她将要参加艺术俱乐部。

8. 你想做什么?


1. an interesting advertisement 一个有趣的广告

2. targets for the next six months 接下来六个月的目标

3. talk about 谈论

4. meet the targets 完成目标

5. look up new words in the dictionary 在字典中查新单词

6. prepare my lessons 备课

7. revise my lessons every evening 每天晚上复习课文

8. make notes 做笔记


1. Let’s take part in the programme. 我一起去参加这个节目吧。

2. What do you want to do next near? 明年你们想做什么?

3. You’re going to pass level two of the Advanced English Tests.


4. You’re going to join the school running team. 你打算加入学校跑步队

5. I’m going to get off the bus one stop earlier and run home.


6. How’re you getting on? 你进行得怎么样?

7. We can do anything if we work hard enough. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。



1. an interesting advertisement ( )

2. targets for the next six months ( )

3. talk about ( )

4. meet the targets ( )

5. look up new words in the dictionary ( )

6. prepare my lessons ( )

7. revise my lessons every evening ( )

8. make notes ( ) 接下来六个月的目标



备课 完成目标 谈论 一个有趣的广告 做笔记


1. 我一起去参加这个节目吧。

Let’s the programme.

2. 明年你们想做什么?

What you to next near?

3. 你打算通过高级英语二级考试。

You’re level two of the Advanced English Tests.

4. 你打算加入学校跑步队。

You’re going to the team.

5. 我打算早一站下公车,然后跑步回家。

I’m going to the bus one stop and run .

6. 你进行得怎么样?

How’re you ?

7. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。

We can anything we enough.


Mr. Green is an Englishman. He is a teacher. He teaches English in No.15 Middle School in Beijing. He likes teaching a lot. He goes to work by schoolbus every morning.

There are fifty students in his class. He speaks English with them in class. He plays games with them after class. He likes them very much. And his studentslove him, too. They are good friends.

( )1. Mr. Green is Canadian.

( )2. He likes teaching very much.

( )3. He goes to work by bike every morning.

( )4. He speaks Chinese in class.

( )5. He likes his students very much.


Chen Fang: Hello! I?m Chen Fang. Nice to meet you.

Mary: Nice to meet you, too. My name?s Mary Brown. I?m new. I want to make more friends here.

Chen Fang: Me, too. Where do you come from, then?

Mary: New York. And what?s your nationality?

Chen fang: I?m Chinese. Are you at net?

Mary: Yes. Very often.

Chen Fang: What?s your net address, please? Mary: mary@yahoo.com. What about yours? Chen Fang: Chenfang@sohu.com

Mary: I?ll deliver the e-mail to you on holiday. Chen Fang: Thank you. I?ll do that too.

( )1. Chen Fang and Mary are new

A. teachers

B. students

C. boys

( )2. Mary is

A. American

B. Chinese

C. an English girl

( )3. Chen Fang has ,too.

A. a net address


C. an E-mail

( )4. They want to make more

A. planes

B. money

C. friends

Unit 3 What’s the matter?


have a stomachache 胃疼

have a cold 感冒

have a cough 咳嗽

have a broken arm 手臂骨折

have a toothache 牙痛

have a sore throat 嗓子疼

have a fever 发烧

have a headache 头疼


What’s the matter with you? 你怎么了? I have a stomachache. 我胃疼。

Here’s some medicine for you. 这是你的药


1. 感冒

2. 胃疼

3. 牙痛

4. 手臂骨折

5. 发烧

6. 嗓子疼

7. 头疼

8. 咳嗽

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