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M6U1 You can play football well.

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Can you…?
Yes, I can./No, I can’t.

run 1 2






Say a chant:

read, I can read. ?Call, call, I can call. ?Wash, wash, I can wash. ?Listen, listen, I can listen.

Module 6 Unit1
You can play football well.


He can play football well. 好地

They can play football badly. 不好地.

football team


goalkeeper 守门员



to be a good goalkeeper?

run fast

jump really high

catch the ball well(抓住,接住

control the ball well (控制)

A good goalkeeper:

catch the ball wel

control the ball well

well team control badly really catch fantastic

考 考 你 的 记 忆 力 !

wants to be in football team.


1.Can Lingling run fast ? No, she can’t. 2.Can Lingling control the ball? No, she can’t. 3.Can Lingling catch the ball well? Yes, she can. 4. Can Lingling be a fantastic goalkeeper? Yes, she can.

He is a fantastic goalkeeper. 极好的 fan

tastic → fantastic

Listen and repeat.

Read by yourselves.

What can Lingling do?
catch the ball

sing songs

Can you…?

Yes, I can./No, I can’t.

listen to music wash the clothes

make a phone call

read a book

Make a survey: 对自己的好朋友进行调查 ,并作记录。

tick (√) or cross(×)
name run jump play play fast high basketball football -----I Mary Lucy

can = √

can’t = ×

Try your best , you are the best .

Thank you! Goodbye!

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