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Clothes 教学设计

( EEC 五年上册六、七单元复习课)




词汇:clothes words & comparatives

短语:with/ without ...

句型:What color do you want? How do you like this one? I want ... with/without... . How about this one/ these ones? Show me ... . What’s he/she wearing?






I. Preparation

Greeting and warm up.

How are you today? What’s the weather like today? What day is it today?

What’s the date today? December 25th is a famous festival, do you know?

Yes, Christmas Day is coming. We always buy our friends some presents,right? Look! I bought a present for our friend, Tino.

II. Presentation and Practice

A. Look at the picture and guess.

Yes, it’s a shirt. Shirt is a kind of clothes. What other clothes do you know?

(shirt, skirt, pants, jeans, hat, cap,coat, jacket, sweater, socks, boots, dress, suit...) Good jobs. Let’s review some more about clothes this lesson.(Title: Clothes )

B. Let’s go into a clothes shop and try to buy something.

1. Oh, look! What are they? What color are they? Do you like red? Who likes red? But the sleeves are different.

Which one do you want? (I want a shirt with long/ short sleeves.)

2. How about these shirts? Which one do you want? (I want a shirt with/without a collar.)

3. And they’re pretty pants. What color do you want? (Green)

So you want some pants with pockets,right?

4. Here are some nice skirts. Which one do you want? (I want a skirt with/without a zipper.) (I want a skirt with/without buttons.)

C. Now we know how to choose the color and the style.

Practice1: Look at the picture and finish the dialog.

Practice 2: Make a dialog.

D. Excellent! Now you can choose the clothes well. But I’m not a good buyer.

See! I bought this shirt for Tino. But it looks too ____________ (big,small).

I need a _________ (small, smaller) one.

Pants: They look too small. Sandy wants some bigger ones.

Coat: It looks too expensive. Tino wants a cheaper one.

Smaller,bigger, cheaper are all comparatives. Here we need review the rule of comparatives. Then show them come adjectives. Have the students change them into comparatives.

Practice 3: Choose a picture and make a dialog.

What color do you want? (different color different pictures of clothes)

III. Progress

Great. You’re all good buyers. You know clothes well. You can choose the color, the style and the price. How about your memory? Let’s play a game. “What are they wearing?”

20 seconds for you. Please watch the pictures as carefully as you can.

A group of your. Ask “What’s he/she wearing?”with your partner and write the answers on the work sheet.

IV. Ending the lesson

Well done. After this lesson all of you can buy good presents for your friends, especially clothes. But how about my present for Tino for Christmas Day? Would you like to help me?


Homework: Make a dialog

A. (P74 & P78) Go shopping with me. Try to buy something.

B. (P88) You can’t find someone on the way home or somewhere.

Try to find him by describing what he/she is wearing.

If you can do your homework carefully. You can get a nice present on Christmas Day. I belive all of you can get it.

That’s all for this lesson.

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