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白色的 绿色的 新的 书包 动物 看 多少 漂亮的 图片 熊猫

二:重新排列下列句子的顺序,使其成为一个意思完整、通顺的对话 . 1: What color is it?

2:Sure.Here you are.

3:I Have a new schoolbag.

4: It‘s black and white.

5: May I have a look?

6: Wow! How nice! It’s a panda.


1:I have a new_______.

2: My ______is pink.

3: I like my _______.

4: Look at my ______. It‘s nice.

5: How many _____ do you have? I have ______.(43)

6: What’s in the________? It‘s a ___________.

7.How many books do you h____?

8: I have a n___ dictionary.

3: May I have a l____ at your new bike ?

4: How many English books can you s_____ in the picture?

5: What c_____ is your math book?


A: 我有一个新书包。









a c n e v p

3,用两种形式书写,并按顺序书写单词。 Bb( )Dd Ee ( )Gg Gg ( )Ii Ll( )Nn Oo ( )Qq Qq ( )Ss Tt ( )Vv Xx ( )Zz



Window( )zebra( )box( )student( )fifty( )

classmate( ) thin( )teacher’s desk ( ) thirty-one( ) math book ( )


b__ k p__ncil t__ cher b__g stud__ t r__le__


长头发 短头发 瘦的 男孩 朋友 做运动


( )1,what’ s in the classroom? A, He is Mike.

( )2, How many books do you have? B,His name is John.

( )3, What colour is it? C,I have thirty books.

( ) 4, What’s in the box? D,A door,two boards and three


( )5, Who is he? E,It is red.

( )6, What’s his name? F,A pen,a pencil and a crayon. 四,从B栏中找出A栏句子的中文意思,将其序号填在前面的括号里。(分)

A栏 B栏

( ) Happy Teachers’ Day! ① 教师节快乐!

( ) Look,I have a new schoolbag . ② 谁是你最好的朋友? ( ) I’ m from China. ③ 让我们来绘画吧! ( ) Who’s your best friend? ④ 我有40本故事书. ( ) Let’s paint! ⑤ 我来自中国.

( ) I have forty story-books. ⑥ 看,我有一个新书包。


( )1,who your best friend?

A am B are C is D \ ( )2,My friend Mike two big eyes.

A have B has C had D haved

( )3,What’s that boy’s name? name is Jim.

A she B her C his D he ( )4, How many do you have?

A book B books C bookes D bookess ( )5, colour is it?

A How B What C Which D Where

( )6,What’s your schoolbag?

A on B in C under D near ( )7, name is ZhangPeng.

A My B I C we D you ( )8,I have English book.

A a B an C two D three ( )9, is your best friend.

A Who B Which C What D where

( )10, How are you?

A My name is Jim B Nice to meet you

C I am fine,and you? D How are you?


My name is ZhangPeng,I have a friend,his name is Mike. Mike is a boy from England, he is ten years old. He is tall and strong,so he likes doing sports. I like playing football, we are good friends. He likes Chinese very much, I like English very much. He teach me at English and I Teach he at Chinese. We can talk in two languages(语言)

( )1,where is Mike come from?

A China B England C Japan D Amerian

( )2,How old is Mike?

A ten B eleven C tewlve D thirteen

( )3,What does Mike look like(看起来像)?

A tall and thin B tall and strong

C short and thin D short and strong

( )4, What does ZhangPeng like?

A sport B music C football D painting

( )5,Which language does Mike teach zhangpeng?

A English B Chinese C Japanse D Russia


1, have\i\friend\new\a .

2, many\How\pencils\do \you\have ?

3, I\to\listen\like\music .

4,painting\ Jim\ likes .

5, English books\ have\ I \a \new .



1.h_me(家) 2.fr_dge(冰箱) 3.b_dr_ _m(卧室) 4.kit_hen(厨房) 5.ph_ne(话)

6.st_dy (书房) 7.sh_lf(书架) 8.k_y(钥匙) 9.sp_ _ts(运动) 10.flo_r(地板)

二、找出每组中与其他三个不同类的单词,并把它的序号下在提前括号内。(10分) ( )1. A. study B. fan C. light D. computer

( )2. A. cat B. dog C. duck D. bedroom

( )3. A. father B. mother C. sister D. phone

( )4. A. apple B. banana C. fridge D. peach

( )5. A. thin B. kitchen C. strong D. quiet


( )1.Where are you from? A. Yes, I do.

( )2.Do you like grapes? B. No, she’s my mother.

( )3.How many kites can you see? C. Im from Canada.

( )4.Is this your bedroom? D. No, it isn’t.

( )5.Is she your sister? E. Fifteen.

四、 根据中文提示,选出正确答案。(10分)

1、朋友来你家,你说: .Welcome to my home. B. I have a nice home.C. I like my home.


A.My school is big. B. I like my school. C. This is my school.

3.你很喜欢Kate 的房间,你对她说: A. You have a room. B. Is it your room? C. Its a nice room ,I like it.

4. 你让别人开门,你说:

A. Open the door ,please. B.Go to the door ,please.C. Is this a door ?


A. The cat is in the bathroom. B. The cat is in the bedroom.C. The cat is in the kitchen.

五、连词造句。 (10分)

1. like ,I, classroom, my

2. is , this , pen , my

3.to , welcome, my ,home.

4.they ,are , in , the room.

5. is , this, your, bedroom.


( )1. How many __________can you see?

A. English book B. English books C. English books

( )2. She __________big eyes and small ears.

A. is B. has C. have

( )3.--Are you in the study? --____________.

A. No, he isn’t. B. No, I’m not. C. No, I don’t.

( )4.________clean the board.

A. Let’s me B. Let me C. Let us me

( )5.-Is she in the living room? -_________.

A. No, she is. B. Yes, it isn’t. C. No, she isn’t.

( )6. ________they in the kitchen?

A. Are B. Is C. Am

( )7. I have _______new eraser.

A. an B. a C. the

( )8.--Is this a reading-room?

A. No, it is. B. No, they aren’t. C. No, it isn’t.

( )9.Mom’s in the living room. Dad is _____.

A. too B. to C. two

( )10. I’m looking for a house _________this.

A. likes B. like C. at


1.English, this, What, is, in? ___________________________________________

2.How, are, old, you? ___________________________________________

3.name, Jack, My, is. ___________________________________________

4.in, box, What, is, the? ___________________________________________

5.a ,have, I, look, May? ___________________________________________


( 1)Mom,where is my math book?

( )What colour is it?

( )Look, it is on the fridge.

( )No,it isn’t.

( )I don’t know.Is it on the shelf?

九、阅读短文, 判断对错.(10分)

Mike: Mom, where are my glasses(眼镜 )?

Mom: Are they on the desk?

Mike: No, they aren’t.

Mom: Are they on the bed?

Mike: No, I can’t see them(它们)

Mom: Look, they are in your hand.

Mike: Oh, yes, thanks, mom.

1. Mike is looking for(正在找)his glasses. ( )

2. Mike’s glasses are on the desk. ( )

3. Mike can’t see his glasses on the bed. ( )

4. Mike’s glasses are on the bed. ( )

5. Mike is a careless(粗心) boy. ( )










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