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PEP小学英语六年级上册第五单元测试 一.选择填空,将正确答案的字母编号写在括号里。(每小题1.5分,共 1.Liu Yun’s brother is artist. A.an B.a C./ 2.Lisa likes with numbers. A.works B.working C.work 3。 A.Is B.Do C.Does _your uncle a baseball player? A.Is B.Are C.Does sister is a lovely girl . A.Wu Yifan B.Wu Yifan’s C.he B.writer C.salesperson science. A.teach, teachesB.teacher,teachC.teacher,teaches 8.Where are you B.going C.going to do 9.---- Where does your friend _? ---- He lives in Beijing. A.lives B.live C.live in 10.My mother to work by subway. His mother ________ to work by taxi. A.go, go B.goes.go C.goes goes 二.找答句,将正确答案的字母编号写在括号里。(每小题2分,共14分) 1.( )What does your father do? A.Yes,I am. 2.( )What does your mother do? B.She goes to work by bike. 3.( )How does Amy’s mother go to work? C.He’s an accountant. 4.( )Does she go to work by bus? D.Yes,she does. 5.( )Are you going to swim this afternoon? E.She’s an English teacher. )How does Sam go to school? F.She goes to school on foot. 7.( )Do you like drawing pictures? G.No,I don’t. I like watching TV. 三.把下列单词排列成正确的句子。 (每小题3分,共15分) 1.in, factory, a, who, car, works ________________________________________________________________2.Yuan Yuan , helping,likes,people ________________________________________________________________3.Mike, my, that, is, uncle ________________________________________________________________4.be, you, what, going, are, to ________________________________________________________________

_5.beautiful, is, really, she ________________________________________________________________四.把下列英语句子译成汉语:(每小题2分,共10分) 1.My dad’s a cleaner at the zoo.

_2.Her father goes to work by bicycle. _________________________________________________________________3.She works in a car factory. _________________________________________________________________4.Tom designs cars. _________________________________________________________________5.She often helps tourists find their way. ________________________________________________________________五.根据句意,将句子补充完整。(每小题2分,共10分) 1.I sing songs. I am a___________. 2.I write stories. I am a ___________. 3.If you like drawing and math, you can be an___________. 4.I dance. I am a___________ . 5.I clean streets. I am a ____________ . 六、根据中文提示,完成句子。(每小题2分,共10分) 1.Wang Ming is ____________ ____________(一个售货员). 2.He goes to Hong Kong ___________ ____________(乘飞机). 3.He 打扫) streets on weekdays. 4.She draws pictures.She’s ____ ___________ (一位画家). 5.I work in a police station. I am a ______________(男警察). 七、根据上下文,写出问句或答句。(每小题3分,共15分) 1.A: __________________________________B: She goes to work by bus. 2.A: ________________________________B: Yes, he likes collecting stamps. 3.A: __________________________________B: She works in the post office. 4.A: What’s your hobby? B: ___________________________________ 5.A: What does your mother do? B: __________________________________

八、阅读短文,判断下列句子是否符合短文内容,符合的打“T”,不符合的打“F”。(每个2分,共10分) Jim lives in a city with his wife. He is a car designer. He works in a car company. It is not far from his home, so he goes to work on foot every day. His wife is a worker, she works in a factory. It’s far from her home, she goes to work by car. When she drives the car, she is very careful. When the light is red, she stops. When the light is yellow, she waits. She won’t go until the light is green. She always says that we must know the traffic rules. 1、( )1.Jim and his wife live in a city. ( )2.Jim and his wife are workers. ( )3.Jim goes to work by car. ( )4.Jim’s wife goes to work by car. ( )5.We must obey the traffic rules.


1) Where do they live?

2)What does Jim do?

3)Where does he work?

4)How does he go to work?

5)What does his wife(妻子)do?

6)Where does she work?

7)How does she go to work?

8)What does she say?

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