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三、听一听,与听到的内容相同打对号√,不同打错号×。(5分) ( )1.I’d like some vegetables and soup. 四年级英语



( )1. A. noodles B. hot dog C. bread

( )2. A. chopsticks B. fork C. hamburger ( )3. A. vegetable B. chicken C. kitchen ( )4. A. Help yourself. B. Let me show you. ( )5. A. I'd like some soup. B. I'd like some fish. 二、听一听,用A-E为下面图片排列顺序。(5分)

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )

( )2.I can use chopsticks now. ( )3.Pass me a plate, please.

( )4.What would you like for dinner? ( )5.I like Chinese food, too.

四、根据听到的内容用1-5给下列句子标上序号。(5分) ( )I’d like some beef, noodles and vegetables. ( )What would you like for breakfast? ( )What's for dinner?

( )I’d like some bread and milk. ( )Pass me a knife,please. 五、听问句,选择正确的答句。(10分)

( ) 1. A. Yes, it is. B. No, she isn’t. C. Yes, he is. ( ) 2. A. No, he isn’t. B. Yes, she is. C. No, it isn’t. ( ) 3. A. Yes, they aren’t. B. Yes, it is. C. No, they aren’t.


) 4. A. I have a table and a chair. B. They’re in the living room. C. I can see a sofa and TV.

( ) 5. A. His name is Mike. B. Her name is Amy. C. She is Chen Jie.

( ) 6. A.Thank you. B. Sure. Here you are. ( ) 7. A.I'd like some beef and soup. B.Yes, thank you.

( ) 8. A.You're welcome. B. I'd like some chicken and juice. ( ) 9. A.OK. B.No,thanks.

( )10.A.I’d like some soup. B.No, thanks. I can use chopsticks. 六. 听录音, 填上所缺的单词。(10分)

1. Welcome to my ____________. It’s nice. 2. I’d like some ____________. It’s delicious.

3. Where are my keys? They’re on the __________. 4. The _________is near the window. 5. I can use __________.



( )1.A. phone B. desk C. chair D.bed

( )2.A. kitchen B. chicken C. bedroom D.bathroom

( )3.A. key B. beef C. chicken D. hamburger

( )4.A. in B. on C. spoon D. under

( )5.A. fridge B. table C. sofa D.knife


( )1. Is she in the study? A. Yes, I can.

( )2. What would you like?? B. No, they aren't.

( )3. Can you use the chopsticks? C. I'd like some rice..

( )4.Are they on the chair? D.Yes, she is.

( )5.Where are my books? E.They are on the bed.


1.Where are the keys ? (翻译成汉语)


2. What’s for dinner?(翻译成汉语)


3. Help yourself! (翻译成汉语)


4. you What would like? (连词成句)


5. some soup and bread.(根据汉语提示补全句子)



( ) Is she in the living room?

( ) Where is she?

( ) No,she isn’t.

( ) I have a cat. She’s cute.

( ) Look! She’s in the kitchen.



Hello! Welcome to my home. I have two bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a study and a bathroom. In my bedroom, there is a small bed. In the living room, there is a chair, a desk and a TV. In the study, there are two shelves and a desk. I read books in the study.

I like my room. ( ) 1. I have three bedrooms. ( ) 2. The TV is in the living room. ( ) 3. I have six rooms. ( ) 4. I have a big bed in my bedroom. ( ) 5. The computer is in the study. (B) Zip: Welcome! What would you like for dinner? Zoom:I'd like some fish and soup. Zip: Here you are. Would you like some beef and chicken? Zoom:I'd like some chicken. I don't like beef. Can I have some noodles? Zip:Sorry. We have no noodles now, The fish is eight yuan, fish and soup are thirteen yuan, the beef is ten yuan, chicken is, too. Here's the bill(帐单)。 ( ) 1.Zoom likes fish. ( ) 2.Zoom likes beef ( ) 3.The soup is four yuan. ( ) 4.The chicken is ten yuan. ( ) 5.The bill is thirty-three yuan. 十二、写作:以“My bedroom”为题目,用英语描述,至少写5句话。(10分) My bedroom

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