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1. The Bible was first written in Hebrew abd Greek, both of _____use many idioms.

2. We use this idiom to mean that there is a hidden weakness ____somebody whom we admire .

3. It comes from a story _____a son left home to waste all of his time and money.

4. In_____of his return, his father killed and cooked a calf so that they ______ have a feast.

5. The boy dived into the water and after ______seemed to be a long time ,he came up again.

6. You should put your book _______you can find it easily.

7. That is a reason ________he gave us for carrying out the plan.

8. He glared at his boss and turned away,as though ________(go)out of the office.

9. __________the man grew older,he lost interest in everything except gardening.

10. It is not until he took off his dark glasses _____I realized he was a famous star.

11. In a hour, we can travel to places _____would have taken our ancestors days to reach.

12. They arrived in a place _____they met two masters.

13. .Diana,_________(struggle)for months to find a job as a waiters, finally took a position at a local advertising agency.

14. If you have set a goal, ________(devote)yourself to it until you have achieved success.

15. _____Tom offers to his fans is honesty and happiness.

16 Mary failed in the exam again,_____,of couse,made all the others upset.

17. Many young people decide to leave for ______ is a good place to live in to seek their fortune.

18. .They are accustomed ____________(not take) at meals.

19.Every means _________(try) since then.

20.The clothes in the bed need ________(wash).

21.Weather ________(permit), we’ll go to the Great Wall.

22.I will put the book ______you placed it and make a mark at the place _____I put it.

23. John agreed to the suggestion that his students _____(give) two weeks to prepare for the exam. 24_______(finish) his homework ,he had to stay up late into the night.

_________(finish)his homework,he went out for a walk.

25That’s the third time he ________(win) the award in this field.

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