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一、 根据汉语意思补全单词。

1.f 脚) n (火车) (自行车)

(公交车) (交通) (停止)

(等待) t (灯)

(规则) t to (到达)

二、 英汉互译。

2.look at

3. get to 4.交通规则



三、 选出每组单词中与其他不属于同类的单词

( )1.A. red light ; B.green light ; C.yellow light ; D.traffic rule; ( )2. A.subway; B.bus; C.bike; D.park

( )3.A. school; B.bike; C.park; D.kindergarten

( )4.A. Canada; B.traffic light; C.traffic rule; D.traffic jam

四、 单项选择。

( )1. How you go to the zoo?

A. are B. is C. do D. does

( foot.

A. with B. by C. about D. on

( ) 3. floor is your home ?

A. Which B. Where C. Whose D. What

( ) 4. The floor,Room5A.

A. five B. fivth C. fifth D. fiveth

( )5. In England, drivers drive on the side of the road.

A. right B. left C. south D. north

( )6. The traffic lights are the in every country.

A. some B. different C. same D. difficult

( )7. Usually I go to work by bus, it’s fast.

A. because B. when C. do D. does

( )8. Red light stop.

A. mean B. is C. means D. are

( )9. Let’s to school together.

A. goes B. go C. going D. to go

( )10. See you 2 o’clock.

A. in B. to C. / D. at

( )11. Where your home ?

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( every country.

A. in B. at C. on D. with

( )13.There many ways to go to school.

A. is B. are C. am D. be

( )14. you go by car , you must know the traffic lights.

A. Which B. Where C. How D. If

( )15. Hi,Let’s go to school morning .

A. in this B. in C. this D. on this

( )16.----- How do you go to work?

by bus

A. Sometimes B. Some times C. Sometime D. some time

( )17. We can get to the zoo subway.

A. in B. on C. at D. by

( )18. ----I like red apples. What about you?

-----I like red apples,____________.

A.too B.also C.to D.and

( ) 19.________the traffic lights.

A.Look B.Look at C.Find D.Look for

( )20.How can I _______the zoo?

A.get at B.get to C.go D.get

五、 句型转换 (对划线部分提问)

_______________________________________ (对划线部分提问)

you go to Canada?

3. I can go on foot. (改为一般疑问句)

go on foot?

I get to Zhongshan park?

5.Do you go to school by bus? (肯定回答)

六、 连词成句

1.Where home your is (?)

2.foot go I on to school

3. near is home the my office post

4.I get can Zhongshan Park How to the(?)

七、 阅读理解


Hello,I’m Wu Yifan.I’m twelve years old.I get up at 6:30.Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bus. My mother goes to school by bike.My father goes to work by subway.Beause it’s fast.What about you?Can you tell me?

Read and tick or cross .(判断正误)

( )1.Wu Yifan is 13.

( ) 2.He gets up at six thirty.

( ) 3.He often goes to school by bus.

( )4.His father goes to work by subway

( )5.His mother goes to work on foot.


Zhang:Excuse me ,how do we get to the People’s Park?

Man: You can go there by there by the No.5 bus,or you can go on foot. Zhang:How do we go on foot?

Man:It’s easy .Turn left at the traffic lights.The park is near a tall office building .

Jhon:Thank you very much.. Hurry up, ZhangPeng.!

Zhang:No!The light is red.Stop!

Jhon:That’s right .We have to wait.

Zhang:Now it’s gereen.Let’s go!

Read and tick or cross .(判断正误)

( )1.The man tells ZhangPeng’s the road

( ) 2.Jhon and ZhangPeng want to go to the park on foot

( ) 3. The People’s Park is near the traffic lights

( ) 4.John wants to go at a red light.

( )5 Zhang Peng follows (遵守)the traffic rules

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