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Units (1—4)

班级__________ 姓名__________ 得分__________



( )1.

( )2.

( )3.

( )4.

( )5.


( )1.A.I'm tall. B.My father is taller than me.

C.No,my father is taller than me. D.I'm taller.

( )2.A.Yes,we do. B.Yes,I am.

C.We look the sme. D.No, we aren't.

( )3.A.Yes,I can. B.No,I'm the only child in my family.

C.Yes,I am. D.I have a brother and a sister.

( )4.A.Yours is, I think. B.Su Hai's ruler is longer.

C.It's hers. D.Yes,it is.

( )5.A.He swims faster than Gao Shan. B.Yes,they do.

C.No,he doesn't. He swims faster than Gao Shan. D.Yes,he is.

( )6.A.OK. B.Yes,I am. C.No,I don't. D.No,he isn't.

( )7.A.Yes,let's go. B.Yes,I can.

C.You can't miss it. D.No, it isn't

( )8.A.It's two. B.It's about a kilometre away.

C.Fine, thank you. D.In the sitting-room.



( )1.Mr Smith was in Shanghai Street.

( )2.He wanted to go to the History Museum by car.

( )3.The No.5 bus stop is in front of the cinema.

( )4.Mr Smith wanted to go to the cinema, too.

( )5.Mr Smith knew how to get to the city post office.

( )6.The No.9 bus stop is behind the History Museum.





5.邮局 7.在我左边



1.Do more exercise. We'll get 2.Nancy is good at music. She can sing and dance (beautiful).

3.Gao Shan's school bag is (heavy) than mine.

4.You can jump (high) than you.

5.We can read the new words (well). Helen can read then

(well) than all of us.

6.You should get up 7.I can't run (fast) than you. But I can jump 三、从右栏中找出与左栏相对应的句子,将序号填入题前括号内。(5分)

( )1.Are bears as big as rabbits? A.You can take a No.3 bus.

( )2.How can I get there? B.No.It's about a kilometre away.

( )3.Whose ruler is longer? C.Only one.

( )4.Is it far from here? D.No,they aren't.

( )5.Does she swim faster than you? E.Me,too.

( )6.Can you show me the way to F.No,she doesn't.

Jinling Hotel?

( )7.How many stops are there? G.Sure. Come with me.

( )8.I'm good at English. H.Yes, he does.

( )9.Is Wang Bing as tall as Liu Tao? I.Mike is.

( )10.Who's taller,Tom or Mike? J.Helen's.


( )1.Mr Smith is in Nanjing now.

A.live in B.lived C.living D.living in

( )2.You can get off the second stop.

A.of B.at C.in D.on

( )3.I to buy an interesting book last Sunday afternoon.

A.want B.like C.wanted D.likes

( )4.David jumped than Gao Shan.

A.father B.fast C.far D.farther

( )5.He's walking Zhongshan Road.

A.along B.on C.in D.at

( )6.Yang Ling than all the other students.

A.read better B.reads good C.reads better D.read good

( A.you or me B.your or me C.yours or mine D.you and I

( )8.Do more exercise, you'll be A.small B.thin C.thinner D.strong.

( )9.The school is your left. You miss it.

A.on, can't B.can't, on C.in, can D.on, can

( )10.That's a way.

A.long B.early C.youngest D.short


1.A:Who is the man front of the


B:He's thief. He stole a girl's He's the street.

A:What's the policeman doing?

B:He's him and wants

to catch him.

2.A:Excuse me, is there a

near here?

B:No.But one near the Bank of China.

I get there?

B:It's far from here. You'd better

bus No.3 to go there.

A:But where's the bus stop?

B:Go this street. It's

your right. You miss it.

3.A:Does Helen ?

B:Yes, she does.

A:How Gao Shan?

B:Oh, he


( ) Four metres.

( ) How about Gao Shan?

( ) How far does David jump?

( ) Five metres.

( ) Gao Shan jumps farther than David.


A:Excuse me, B:It's over there.

A:But I don't know .

B:It's on Zhongshan Road. .

A:Where should I get off?

A.how I can get there.

B.You can take No.2 Bus.

C.Thank you very much.

D.Can you tell me how I can get to Zhongshan Museum.

E.You can get off at the third stop.



Li Lei is Gao Shan, they're classmates.


This morning, Dad than I.

3.我不认识去三中的路。I don't know the No.3 Middle School.

4.我篮球打得不好。 I'm not good basketball.

2.Who is ligther than Marry? 3.Is Max taller than Rose and Sam? 4.Do Jim and Sam swim faster than Max?

5.Who can skate better, the boys or the girls?

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