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班级_______________ 姓名__________________学号 ________________



( )1. A. class B. glass C. vase

( )2. A. perhaps B. purse C.nurse

( )3. A. play B. plane C. playground

( )4. A. basketball B. baseball C. bathroom

( )5. A. rabbit B. red C. read

( )6. A. mouth B. mouse C. mother

( )7. A. head B. hand C. hot

( )8. A. eating B. reading C. sitting

( )9. A. clean the study B. clean the library C. in the library

( )10. A. look at B. have a look at C. look for


( )1. A. Wang Bing is playing in the playgroud.

B. Wang Bing is cleaning in the classroom.

C. Wang Bing is singing in the music room.

( )2. A. I’m going to the library.

B. I’m going to the office.

C. I’m going to the toilet.

( )3. A. I’ll go and join them.

B. I’ll go and help them.

C. I’ll go and play with them.

( )4. A. He is sweeping the floor.

B. Is he sweeping the floor?

C. He isn’t sweeping the floor.

( )5. A. I need a vase. B. I want a vase. C. I’d like a vase.


( )1. A. Yes, they are. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, she is.

( )2. A. OK. Let’s go. B. Yes, I am. C. No, thanks.

( )3. A. It’s over there. B. He’s twelve. C. She’s in the playground.

( )4. A. Gao Shan is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, they are.

( )5. A. No, I’m not. B. Reading newspapers. C. The library.

四、完成下列句子,每空一词。(每小题读三遍。 10分)

1. It is ___________ o’clock in the afternoon.____________ are ___________. The students are ____________ the classroom.

2. A:What are Mike and ___________ friends doing?


B:___________are ____________ Miss Li in the _____________.

A:How __________ students are there?

B:________ are five.



( ( ( )4. A. B. ( ) 5. A. B. ( )6. A. B. 二、翻译下列词组。(13分)

1.在办公室里 ___________________ 2.放学后____________________

3.寻找我的自行车__________________4.in the playground __________________

5. 打牌__________________________ 6.run after__________________________

7.看画册_________________________ 8. eat the dog’s food__________________

9. 扫地 10. 洗衣服11. 擦窗 13. 在卧室睡觉


( )1. _______ Ben and his mother buying things in the supermarket?

A. Is B. Do C. Are

( )2. School _______ over. The students are going home.

A. are B. is C. am

( )3. The telephone is __________. Let me answer it.

A. ring B. rings C. ringing

( )4. ----________ are they going?

----They’re going to the supermarket.

A. Where B. What C. How

( )5. ----________ you listening to the radio?

---- No, I’m watching TV.

A. Do B. Are C. Can

( )6. The girl is ________ her pen, but she can’t find it.

A. looking at B. looking C. looking for

( )7. ---- Is Mike laughing?

---- _______.

A. Yes, he is B. Yes, he can C. Yes, he does

( )8. ----Look! Mr Yang is cleaning the car.

----I’ll go and help _______.

A. he B. his C. Him


( )9. we go and play in the park? Good idea.

A. Do B. Shall C. Let’s D.Are

( )10.It’s two o’clock. We’re a Music lesson.

A. have B. haveing C. having D.has

( ) can Helen do? She sing and dance.

A. What; can B. What; is C. What; like D. What; can ( )12.Su Yang and Su Hai are the floor home.

A. sweep; at B. sweeping; at C.sweep; in D. sweeping; in ( )13.What are they ? they’re on the chair.

A. doing; sit B. do;sitting C. doing; siting D. doing; sitting


1.Nancy is watching TV in the sitting-room.(改为一般疑问句)

___________Nancy_____________in the sitting-room?

2. They are studying in the library. (改为否定句)

They _________ ___________ in the library.

3. Tom does his homework on Sundays. (将on Sundays改为now)

Tom _________ _________ his homework now.

4. We’re going 对划线部分提问)

_______ ________ you going? 对划线部分提问)

___________ is Su Hai ____________?

4. sitting, basketball, he, on, a, is (.)


5. in, they, library, studying, are, the (?)



doing, at, having, am,What, listening, going, watching, playing, evening

It is Saturday ___________. Nancy and her family are ________ home. The telephone is ringing.

Nancy: Hello!

Tom: Hello, Nancy! This is Tom.What are you doing?

Nancy: I _____ making a model plane. My dad is _________ TV and my mother is

________to music.

Tom: ________ is your brother ____________?


Nancy: He is __________ the guitar. What are you doing, Tom?

Tom: I am __________ my supper. After supper I am _________to the supermarket. Nancy: How happy you are!


1.----海伦在书房看画册吗? ----是的。

----Is Helen _____________ a picture book in the study? ----Yes, she is.

2.----你在干什么? ----我在帮助王兵学英语。

----_________ are you doing?

----I’m ___________ Wang Bing _________ his English.


________ are over. Some students are _________the library. I will go and _______


4.----你们正往哪儿去? ----我们正去车站

----____________ are you ____________?

----___________ going to the station.

5.----他们在打牌吗? ----不,他们在玩木偶。

----________ __________ playing cards?

----No, they’re ____________ ___________ puppets.



John is a student. He has a sister, Linda. They are in the same school, and they go to school together. It is three forty now. Classes are over. Linda is in the school library. She is reading a storybook. Her classmate Mary is in the library, too. She is reading a picture book. Joe is not in the library with his sister. He is in the classroom. He is playing cards with Tom and Bill. Linda and Joe go home by bus at four thirty every day. They always go home together.


( )1. __________ has a brother.

A. Joe B. Linda C. Mary

( )2. ________ is in the library now.

A. Tom B. Joe C. Mary

( )3. Joe is _____________________.

A. reading a strotybook B. reading a picture book C. playing cards

( )4. __________ are in the classroom.

A. Tom and Bill B. Joe and Linda C. Linda and Mary

( )5. Joe and Linda always _______ together.

A. plays cards B. go home C. read story books 4


1. chess 2. perhaps 3. plane 4. basketball 5. read

6. mouse 7. head 8. eating 9. cleaning the library 10.look for


1. Wang Bing is playing in the playground.

2. I’m going to the office.

3. I’ll go and play with them.

4. He isn’t sweeping the floor.

5. I need a vase.


1. Is he reading a newspaper?

2. Shall we go and help him?.

3. Where is Nancy?

4. Who is looking for Wang Bing?

5. Where are you going?

四、听录音,完成下列句子,每空一词。(每小题读三遍) ’classroom.


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