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我(I)用am,你(you)用are,(I am, you are)

is连着他(he),她(she),它(it);(he is, she is, it is)



变否定,更容易, be后not莫忘记。


★be动词练习一:用be,am, is, are 填空

1) I _____ a student. 2) You ____ a doctor.

3) ____she Kitty? 4) _____ you Chinese?

5) He _____ in Shanghai. 6) It_____ a car.

7) They ____ cars. 8) ____ your mother in the room?

9) _____your friends in the room? 10) What ____ your name?

11) These _____ buses. 12) Those _____oranges.

13) Where _____ your mother? 14) How old _____ your sister?

15) Where _____ you ? 16)There _____ a book in the bag.

17)There _____ books in the bag. 18) Mike _____ going to swim tomorrow.

19) We _____ going to the cinema this weekend.

20) Amy and Chenjie _____ watching TV now.

21)What _____ you going to _____? 22) _____ you Wu Yifan?

23)When _____ your mother’s birthday?24)Winter _____ coming.

25)There _____ seven days in a week. 26) What _____ you doing?

27)What _____ the monkey doing? 28) What _____ the monkeys doing?

29)My sister _____ reading books. 30) I _____ doing my homework. 练习二:在下面的短文中填上恰当be动词。

I ______ a girl. My name _______ Amy. I ______ 12 years old. Here ______ my family photo. Look! These ______ my parents and those _______ my grandparents. This boy ______ my brother. He ________ 15 years old now. That ______ my cat, Mimi. It ______ very lovely.






1. This is(my / I)mother. 2. Nice to meet (your / you ). 3. (He/ His )name is Mark. 4. What’s(she / her )name? 5. Excuse(me / my / I). 6. Are(your / you)Miss Li? 7. (I/ My)am Ben. 8. (She / Her)is my sister. 9. Fine , thank (your / you ). 10. How old is (he / his) 练习二:用合适的代词填空。 1.________(我) am a teacher.

2.My father is talking with _______(我).

3._______(他) often plays basketball after school.


4._______(他的) teacher is good.

5._______(我们) buy a pair of shoes for _______(他).

6.Please pass_____(我们) the ball.

7._______(他们) are listening to the radio.

8.This is _______(我的) book. That is__________(他的)

9._______(他的) chair is blue. _____________( 我们的) is yellow.

10._______(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的) is small.

11._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

12._______(他的) teacher is good. _____(她的)is good too.

13.My book is blue. _________(you) is red.

14.Our chair is better than _________ ( they).

15.I will give the presents to________(they).

16.These books are________(I), and those are____(you).

17.My ruler is long. ________ ( you ) is short.

18.My bike is broken. May I borrow______ ( she)?

19.Can you show _______(I) your book?

20.It’s time for ______(they) to go home.

21.Mr. Green often tells _______(we) some stories.

22.These are not your desks. They are _____(our).

23.This is not my shirt. It’s _______(he)

24.I saw ________(she) in the shop yesterday.

25._____ is my friend. 他是我的朋友。

26.My dog likes _____. 我的狗喜欢她。

27.Who is there? It’s _____. 是谁啊?是我。

28.Come with _____. 跟我来。

29.______ classroom is bigger than _____. 你们的教室比我们的要大。

30.______ are Chinese. 我们是中国人。

31.I want to buy some balloons for ______. 我想买些气球送给他。

32.These are ______ photos. 这些是我们的照片。

33._____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。。


1. Mr. More has more money than Mr. Little . But he doesn’t enjoy _______.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

2. Lily was 9 years old. _____ was old enough to go to school ________.

A. She , she B. She , herself C. Her, herself D. Her. she

3. Jim’s watch is much newer than _________.

A. hers B.she C. her D. herself

4.Would you like _____for super?


A: something Chinese B:Chinese something C: anything Chinese D: Chinese anything

5.______ piano is too old ,but she still liked playing it. A. She B. She’s C. Hers D. Her 6.——Who taught you English last year?

——Nobody taught me . I taught ______. A. me B. myself C. mine D. I

7.That bike is _________? A.he B. him C. his D. it

8. We bought ______ a present, but _______ didn”t like it.

A. they, them B. them , they C. themselves , their D. theirs, they ★特殊疑问词



1、A: _______ is the boy in blue? B:He’s Mike.

2、A: _______ wallet is it? B:It’s mine.

3、A: _______ is the diary? B:It’s under the chair.

4、A: _______ is the Chirstmas Day? B: It’s on the 25th of December.

5、A: _______ are the earphones? B:They are 25 yuan.

6、A: _______ is the hairdryer? B:It’s blue.

7、A: _______ is it today? B:It’s Sunday.

8、A: _______ was it yesterday? B: It was the 13th of October.

9、A: _______ this red one? B:It’s beautiful.

10、A: _______ is it from here? B:It’s about two kilometre away.

11、A: Can I have some paper and some crayons?

B: _______ ? A: I want to make a kite.

12、A:_______ one is fatter, the blue one or the red one? B: The blue one.

13、A:_______ is your cousin? B: He’s 15 years old.

14、A:_______ do you have dinner? B: At 6 o’clock.



1、 It’s a book. (改一般疑问句)


3、 Do you watch TV every Sunday? (做肯定回答)

4、 This picture is very beautiful. (改为以what引导的感叹句)

5、 Kick the ball to me! (改为否定句)


7、 There are some orange trees on the farm. (改为单数句子)


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