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unit 4 Period 2教案

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Unit 4 I can play basketball Period 2 教案 教学内容:Unit 4 I can play basketball Period 2

教学目标:1、能听懂、会说、会读、会写I can? Can you?? Yes, I can. /No, I can’t.

2、能听懂、会说、会读、会写basketball, football, jump, skate, swim.

3、能听懂、会说、会读quack, tweet, fly, ouch, sad, either

教学重点:1、句型:Can you?? 以及答句Yes, I can. /No, I can’t.

2、词汇:basketball, football, table tennis, jump, swim, skate, look at me

教学难点:1、句型Can you??




Step 1: Greetings;

Step 2: Warming up and review;

①Acting some characters and do self-introductions

②Do yes or no questions about “Story time”

Step 3: Fun time;

⑴Students do self-introductions: Talk about colors, toys, animals and sports.

e.g.: Hello, I’m? I’m...years old. I like... I have... I can... I can’t...

S1: Tom can play football. He can’t play basketball. S2: Mary can play table tennis. She can’t swim.

⑷Group discussion: Talk about your friends.

Step 4: Presentation;

I、Introduce my friends and see what can they do

S1: A duck can swim.

S2: A bird can fly.

II、Read the cartoon story and answer the questions T: What can Bobby do?

S1: He can swim.

T: Can Bobby fly?

S2: No, he can’t.

III、Students read the cartoon after the tape IV、Choose a way to read the story

V、Try to give a performance

Step 5: Activity “Make a Name Card”

i、Show the steps of making the name cards ii、Students make the name cards

iii、Show all the students your cards

Step 6: Homework

Step 7: Blackboard Design

Unit 4 I can play basketball Period 2 I can?

Can you?? Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

either Don’t be sad.

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