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小学四年级英语期末复习试题 姓名

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小学四年级英语期末复习试题 (一) 姓名: 一. 听录音,填写所缺单词。 1. The ________ is strong. 2.My father is a __________. 3.Are you a _________. 4. The ________ likes music. 5.I have a new _________. 二.听录音,选车你所听到的内容。 1. A.light B. right C. eight 2.A.four B. flower C.floor 3.A. LMND B. XZYP C. RGWE 4.A.twenty B.thirty C. forty 5.A.strong B.science C. Chinese 三.写出下列字母的左邻右舍。

1._____ M_____ 2. _____ k _______ 3. ______t ______ 4.______ G ______ 5. ____ D _____ 四.选出下列单词中不同类的一项。

( )1.A.window B. clean C. wall D. door

( )2.A.pen B. yellow C. white D. blue ( )3.A.eleven B. heavy C. twenty D. fifty ( )4.A.pencil B.ruler C. student D. pencil_case ( )5.A.thin B. paint C. tall D.strong 五.单项选择。

( )1.—What colour is your new schoolbag? __It’s______. ( )A. black B. short C.quite

( )2. — ________story_books do you have? — Twenty A.How old B. How many C. How ( )3.What’s her name ? — ________. A. Her name is Zhang Li. B. He is fat. C. His name is Daming .

( )4.We have four new____ in our classroom . A.light B. computer C. fans

( )5. —______ ? — Sure.Here you are. A.What’s this? B.May I have a look ? C. How many ( )6.My friend is a girl. ___ has big eyes. A.He B. She C.Her


( )7.I____English .Lucy _____ Chinese. A.Like; likes B. like; like C. likes; lik ( )8.is your sister tall or short? _________ A.Yes ,it is. B. Tall C. You’re right. ( )9.Can you spell ____words?

A.This B. that C. these ( )10.______you like painting ? A. Do B . Can C. Have 六.选择正确的译文。

( )1. 我的书包很重。 A.I have a new schoolbag. B.my schoolbag is heavy.

( )2.你的书包里有什么? A.What’s in your schoolbag? B.How much is your schoolbag? ( )3.你有多少本英语书? A.How many story_books can you see? B.How many story_books do you have ? ( )4.把你的英语书放在头上。 A.Put your English book on your head .

B.Put your notebook on your head . 七.选择反义词填空。

( tall new long small strong ) 1.Sam has _____hair . Bai Ling has ___ hair.

2.Chenjie is her _____ friend .Xiao Hua is her_____ friend. 3.Mike has ___ eyes , Jim has _____ eyes. 4.He is short . Her father is ______. 5.Sarah is ______ .Zhang Peng is ______ . 八.阅读理解。(判断对错,对的写;错的)

Hello , my name is Sarah. I have a good friend. Her name is Zhang Hong .She has a Chinese girl. She has long hair,big eyes and ears. She has a small nose and a big mouth. She likes tiger. We are good friends we always play together on Sunday .

( )1.We always play together on Sunday . ( )2.Sarah likes tiger .

( )3.Sarah has a small nose and a big mouth. ( )4.Zhang Hong has long hair and big eyes. ( )5.Sarah is Zhang Peng’s friend.

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