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六年级上册Unit 4 I have a pen pal第四课时

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Unit 4 I have a pen pal
Lesson 4

Let’s sing


Alice : I live in Australia .

Where does Alice live in ?

Does she live in Beijing ? No ,she doesn’t.


She lives in Australia .

go to work

by bus

I go to work by bus. She goes to work by bus.

at night

He __________at night with his grandparents.

He teach es English.
She teaches English.

read newspapers
every day

He reads newspapers every day.


Compare 比较
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? go to work do homework do teach math watch TV make kites read newspapers play football ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? goes to work does homework does teaches math watches TV makes kites reads newspapers plays football

√ go to work by bus go to work by subway × Does she go to work by bus? Yes ,she does. Does she go to work by subway?

No ,she doesn’t.

Conclusion 总结
? ? ? ? ? ? Does he/she/it/your mother…? Yes , he/she/it/your mother…does. No , he/she/it/your mother…doesn’t. Do you/they/we…? Yes, I/they/we… do. No , I/they/we… don’t.

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