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Unit 4

I. 语音与词汇。


1. I always ride my bike to the s______ station.

2. It t______ me half an hour to do my homework yesterday. 3. My father l______ for Shanghai yesterday.

4. How do students a______ the world get to school? 5. Be q______ !We haven't much time. II. 单项选择。

1. They ______ a village in the evening and lived there. A. arrived in B. arrived atC. left for D. got 2. ______ is it from your home to school?

A. How often B. How long C. How far D. How soon 3. He gets up early and ______ breakfast.

A. have a quickB. has quick a C. has a quick D. have quick 4. The last train is left, so I ______ stay here until tomorrow. A. must B. have to C. stop D. live

5. Listen, a small number of students ______ in the classroom.

A. talk B. talks C. is talking D. are talking 6. ______ she is ill, ______ she goes to school.

A. Although; / B. Although; but C. But; although D. Because; /

7. The No. 6 Middle School is not far ______ his home. A. to B. from C. with D. at 8. -Do you usually go to work by train? -______.

A. Yes, I does B. Yes, I don't C. No, I don't D. No, I does 9. -How long does it take? -It takes ______.

A. half an hour B. a hour C. two hour D. half a hour 10. ______it take you to walk from your home to your office? A. How long is B. How long does

C. How many time does D. How many hours are III. 汉译英。

根据汉语意思完成下列各句,每空一词。 1. 从学校到汽车站不是很远。

It isn't ______ ______ the school to the bus stop. 2. 坐火车去北京需用多长时间?

How long ______ it ______ by train to Beijing? 3. 你每天怎样去学校?

______ ______ you get to school every day? 4. 萨姆什么时候离开家去上学?

When ______ Sam ______ home for school? 5. 我们学校校车停在汽车站。

Our school bus stops at ______ ______. IV. 完形填空。


One day, a small boy was walking (1)______a street in London. His name was Tom. It was a cold winter day in 1900. (2)______ he could not have breakfast or lunch. He didn't have any money. His father died(死了) when he was very young. His mother was often ill, so she couldn't (3)______ Tom and his brother, Mike. Both of them had to work to help their mother. He was small but his dream(梦想) was very (4)______. His wish was to be a famous actor. He worked very hard to sing and dance (5)______. One day, a man came to him and asked, "(6)______ in my film?" "Certainly," he answered. And he did his (7)______ in it. Many people said, "We have never seen such an (8)______ film." Thirty years (9)______, this boy was among (10)______ famous people in the world. He made many interesting films, and lots of people admired him.

l. A. along B. for C. with D. to 2. A. This day B. That day C. Today D. To this day 3. A. take care B. looked after C. take care of D. looks after 4. A. small B. big C. far D. long

5. A. good B. well C. beautiful D. wonderful 6. A. Are you act B. Will you act C. Would you D. Will you 7. A. better B. good C. best D. well 8. A. interested B. interests C. interest D. interesting 9. A. after B. ago C. later D. before 10. A. the most B. more C. most D. the more V. 阅读理解。


Are You Still Looking for Your Son?

Mrs White has a son. His name is Sam White. The young man begins to work in a post office in a city this Autumn. He asks his mother to visit the city. The old woman is happy and catches a train. She soon arrives in the city, but she doesn't know where the post office is. She begins to look for it, but she can't find it. At a bus stop she asks an old man, "Excuse me, sir. How can I get to the post office?"

"There are about forty post offices in our city,"says the old man. "Which one do you want to find?"

The old woman gives Sam's letter to him and the old man says, "Walk along this street and take the fourth turning on the left. His post office is just there."

Mrs White thanks the old man and soon finds her son. They are very happy. A week later the woman goes to the zoo. She sees all kinds of animals. But she can't remember the way back to the post office. At the same bus stop she meets the same old man and she asks the same question again.

"Oh dear!"the old man says. "Are you still looking for your son?" 1. Where does Sam White work?

____________________________________ 2. How does Mrs White go to the city? ____________________________________ 3. Does the old woman know how to get to her son's post office? ____________________________________

4. How many post offices are there in this city? ____________________________________

5. Does the old man think Mrs White found her son's post office? ____________________________________

Unit 4



I. A) 1. minutes 2. ill 3. North 4. depended 5. worry

B) 1. subway 2. took 3. left 4. around 5. quick

II. 1-5 BCCBD 6-10 ABCAB

III. 1. far from 2. does, take 3. How do 4. does, leave 5. bus stop/station

IV. 1-5 ABCBB 6-10 BCDCA

V. 1. He works in a post office. 2. She goes to the city by train.

3. No, she doesn't. 4. There are about forty post offices in the city. 5. No, he doesn't.

VI. 书面表达参考范文:

It was a sunny day yesterday. Liu Mei got up at six o'clock in the morning. She went to the park by bike. They sang and danced near the lake, and she played with her friends happily in the park. She left the park until four o'clock in the afternoon.

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