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六年级上期Unit5 PartA Let's talk教案

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Unit 5 What does she do?

Part A Let’s talk

I、Teaching goal:

1、 Can master the new dialogue and do the

replace exercise.

2、 Can use the four-skill sentences of the

third person singular form to ask and answer somebody’s job.

II、Teaching key points:

Master the new sentences.

III、Teaching difficult points:

How to use the four-skill sentences of the third person singular form.

IV、Teaching tools



Step 1、Warm-up

Let’s chant.

Step 2、Review

Review some words about jobs.

Step 3、Leading in

Show out an email that Jenny write to me

then let students find out the questions that Jenny ask me.

Step 4、Presentation

①Tick out the questions from the email: What does your mother do? What does your father do?

②Use some pictures to show out the

information of my parents. Teach students learn how to answer the questions. 3Teacher explain the use of the auxiliary ○

verbs “does”.

④Show out the pictures of Chenjie and John, then let students listen to the tape and understand the dialogue of “Let’s talk”. Step 5、Practice

①Task 1: Let’s try

②Task 2: Interview your partner

③Task 3:Funny talking(Make a dialogue) ④Task 4: Finish the sentences.

Step 5、Consolidation

Sing a song together.

Step 6、Homework.

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