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Unit 3

Is this your pencil?






pencil case


pencil sharpener


A: What’s this in English?

B: It’s a pencil.
A: How do you spell it? B: P-E-N-C-I-L.


0.08秒的挑战 说出物体

What’s this in English? a book sharpener ruler pen backpack pencil case dictionary It’s an eraser


Match the words with the things in the picture

e 1. pencil ___ 2. pen ___ g

3. books ___ b h 4. eraser ___
5. ruler ___ c 6. pencil case ___ f 7. schoolbag ___ a d 8. dictionary ___

Yes, it is. It’s my backpack.

Is this your backpack?

-- Is this your ruler? -- No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

Is that your pen?

Yes, it is. It’s my pen.

Is that your pencil box?

No, it isn’t. It’s his pencil box.

Is this your pen? Is that her book? Is it her ruler?

肯定回答 : 否定回答 :

Yes, it is .

No, it isn't.

这些句子都可用于: 确认某物的主人. this 意为“这个”,用来指离说话者较近的物。 that 意为“那个”,用来指离说话者较远的物。 It可以说较近的物,也可说较远的物.答语要用it. 这些句子都是一般疑问句,一般最后一个重读音节 要升调,都能用yes或no 来简单回答.

1b Listen and number the conversations [1-3].
听录音,给下列对话编号[1- 3]。


A: Is this your pencil ? B: Yes, it is. It’s mine . A: Is that your schoolbag? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his . A: Are these your books ? B: No, they aren’t. they’re her .



1c PAIRWORK 结对活动

Practice the conversations in 1b. Then make your own conversations. 练习 1b 的对话。然后和同伴编新对话。

A: Is this your pencil ? B: Yes, it is. It’s my pencil . A: Is that your backpack ? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his backpack . A: Is this your ruler ?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

2a Listen and check (

) the things you hear.



Listen again. Complete the conversation with the

words in the box. 听录音,用方框里的单词补全对话。




pencil box


Tim: Excuse me, Grace. pencil Is this your ______?

Sonia: Yes, thank you. And
eraser those are my ______. ruler Tim: And Jane, is this your _____? Jane: No, it isn’t. It’s hers. books Tim: OK, and this is my _____. And this is your pencil box ___________, Jane.

Teacher: Are these your pencils? Anna : No, they’re Bob’s.



Teacher: is this his green pen? 绿色钢笔是他的吗? Anna : No, it isn’t. the blue pen is his 不,不是。蓝色的那支是他的

Teacher: What about this dictionary? 那这个字典呢?
Anna: It’s Helen’s. And the green pen is 是海伦的,绿色钢笔也是她的 hers, too.

Teacher: And the eraser? Is that yours?
Anna: Yes, it is. 是,是我的。

橡皮呢? 那是你的吗 ?

Is this your pencil? Is that your book? Are these his books? Are those her keys


Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t. it’s hers.
Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. they are mine.

it is Is not are not

It’s Isn’t


Make conversations

School bag



pencil box


Pairwork:(Things in classroom) --What’s this/that in English? -- It’s a … -- How do you spell it ? -- … -- Is this/that your …? -- Yes, it is.

No, it isn’t. It’s his/her …

What’s this in English ? It is a/an… How do you spell it? Is this yours/hers/his …?

Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

介绍事物时: this is /that is …… This is his book. That is my ruler. 询问物体的主人时: is this /is that…… Is this his book? Is that your ruler?

This is ……=== is this ……

This is your pencil.
These are your pencils

Is this your pencil?

This is his book.
These are his books.

Is this his book?

That is her eraser. Those are her erasers. That is my pen. Those are my pens.

Is this her eraser?

Is this your pen?

一、Choose the Correct answer(单项选择).
1、Is this your pen? A、Yes ,this is. C、No ,this isn’t. 2、Is that a ruler? D A、Yes ,that is. D B、Yes, this’s. D、No,it isn’t. It’s a sharpener. B、No,it is.

C、No,that isn’t.
3、What’s this? A、Yes,it is. D

D、No,it isn’t.
B、No,it isn’t.

C、It’s a eraser.
4、What’s A name? A、your ; My C、your ; I

D、It’s an eraser.
name is Ma Ling. B、your ; my D、you ; my

二、Complete these sentences with “am”, “is”, “are”.
1、 Is this his book? 2、What Yes ,it is .





a book .

3 、How are you?

I am fine, thank you .

三、Make up sentences.(用所给单词和标点组成句子)
1、your, is ,book ,this, (?)
2、pen, that, his ,is ,(.)

Is this your book?
That is his pen .

三.Fill in the blanks with proper words
Hi name Bob:____,I'm______.What's your ______? Bob

Gina: My________Gina.______to______you. name’s Nice meet
Nice Bob:_____to meet you,_____._____this your Is too

isn’t it Gina:No,____ ______Ask this Eric,It's______ruler. your Thank you it Bob:Eric,Is _____ ______ruler? his

Eli :Yes,___is .______ ____.

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