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牛津英语五年级上 M1U1 Can I do this新

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traffic lights
traffic signs (交通标志)

红灯停,绿灯行。 黄灯亮了等一等。

Look! The traffic light is red.

Look! The traffic light is yellow.

Look! The traffic light is green.


zebra lines red man green man

There's the green man.
You can cross the road. Cross the road!

There's the red man.
You can't cross the road. Don’t cross the road!

You can ride a bicycle. Ride a bicycle.

You can't ride a bicycle. Don’t ride a bicycle.

You can go straight. Go straight!

You can't go straight.

Don’t go straight.

You can turn left.
Turn left! Don’t turn left! You can turn right. Turn right!

Don’t turn right!

You can park the car!

Don’t park the car!

If you are a policeman…
Please obey the traffic rules.

traffic signs (交通标志)

At home

Can I go out / play football, Mum? No, you can’t. Look! It’s raining!

Can we watch television, Mum? Yes, you can.

Can I have some sweets, Mum? No, you can’t. It’s dinner time.

Can I have some juice? Yes, you can. Here you are.

Don’t run!
Don’t make a noise! Don’t leave rubbish! Don’t open the window!

Don’t take pictures!

At school
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Miss Fang: Don’t run! S: I’m sorry, Miss Fang. Miss Fang: Don’t make a noise! Ss: We’re sorry, Miss Fang. Miss Fang: Don’t leave rubbish! S: I’m sorry, Miss Fang. Miss Fang: Don’t open the window! S; I’m sorry, Miss Fang.

underground station waiting for

not eating or drinking!
not smoking! going out

Mrs Wang and Alice are going to Zhongshan Park underground station.

? They are waiting for the train.

? They are on the train. They are not eating or drinking. They are not smoking.

? They are going out.

Suppose you are the guide of Mrs. Wang and Alice, what would you like to say to them?
1.This is Zhongshan Park underground. 2. Wait for a moment, please. 3. Don’t smoke or eat. 4. Come this way, please.




cross drink go out make a noise
意味 一个 或者 外面 马路 垃圾 标志

mean one or out road rubbish sign
抽烟 站台 交通灯


station traffic light
等待 道路方向 哪一个

underground wait for

way which

Listen and read / i: / /? /
? ? ? ? e e_e ee ea she these bee sea me Chinese sweet read ? i it drill this fish


easy very happy early

? / i: /

/? /

Listen and circle / i: / /? /
1 bean [bi:n] 2 eat [i:t] 3 seat [si:t] 4 these [ei:z] bin [b?n] it [?t] sit [sit] this [e?s] 5

least [li:st] he [hi:]
leave [li:v]

list [l?st] happy ['h? p?]
live [l?v]


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