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PEP My new room 第三课时

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Welcome to my house.




living room

Go to the living room. Watch TV.

Go to the study. Read a book.
Go to the kitchen. Have a snack. Go to the bathroom. Take a shower. Go to the bedroom. Have a sleep.





third floor
second floor first floor


My flat



There are two a

bedrooms , a kitchen bathroom and a living room.


There is a mirror , a bed , a closet and an air-conditioner in the rabbit's room. curtains and two end tables . There are green

We are rabbits . We have a new flat. It’s on the third floor . There are two bedrooms , a kitchen , a bathroom and a living room . I’m a baby rabbit . I have my own room now . It’s small and nice . There is a mirror , a bed and a big closet . There are green curtains and two end tables . There is a new air-conditioner . It’s cool . I love my room very much .
Fill the blanks .

bathroom bedrooms (1) There are two _______, a kitchen ______, a ______ living room and a ________ in the rabbits’ new flat. (2) What’s in the rabbits’ room ? mirror There is a ____ , a bed _____ and acloset _____in his room. And there are two end tables _____.

This window in my room. There is ais my own room. There is a window and a door
There are two windows and a door


in my room.

There is a window,

a door, a chair, a
desk and a bed. There are two windows, a door, a chair, a

desk and a bed.

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