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Practice 2


( )1. Stop at the ______.

A. yellow light B. green light C. red light

( )2. The Science Museum is near the school ________the right.

A. on B. at C. in

( ) 3. Is there a cinema near your home? ________

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is.

( )4. If you want to buy some books, you can go to the ______.

A. book shop B. shoe shop C. post office

( ) 5. Turn right ________ the school, then go ________.

A. of, straight B. at, straight C. in, straight

( ) 6. How do you go to school? I often go to school_____ foot.

A. by B. on C. in

( ) 7. -Where is Shanghai? —It's in the ________ of China.

A. east B. south C. north


()1.Where is your school ? A Yes,there is.

()2.How can I get to the park? B I’m going to the bookstore. ()3.Where are you going? C It’s next to the liabrary.

()4.Where is the library? D You can get there on foot.. ()5. Is there a post office near your home? E The library is near the hospital.


1. the, left, on, post office,the, is ____________________________________________

2. right, at.the,turn.cinema _________________________________________

3. please,is,the,bookstore,where_______________________________________

4. do,go,how,to,you.school_________________________________________

5. hospital,is,the,to,next,it________________________________________

6. library,get,can.,to,i,how,the____________________________________


1. It’s _______ ____ the post office.(与。。。相邻)

2. Walk____________ _____three minutes.(呈直线地)

3. ____ _____ at the cinema.(左转)

4. _____ _______(下车) at the ___________.(医院)

5. ________(在哪) is the _________?(图书馆)

五、假如星期天是你的12岁生日,给你的朋友mike 写一张邀请函。注意格式,写清楚去你家的路线。(至少六句话)


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