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Practice 3


( ) 1. A. need B. tomorrow C. next week D. today

( ) 2. A. post office B. pet shop C. post card D.theme park

( ) 3. A. CD B. post card C. story book D. cake ( ) 4. A. shop B. shoe C. Hospital D. supermarket


( )1. A. path B. father C. apple D. asking

( )2. A. nut B. put C. thumb D. must

( )3. A. supermarket B. sun C. run D. hungry

( )4. A. can. B. family C. Fat D. bathroom

三、 根据汉语提示完成句子

1.What are you going to do _______ _______________?(今天下午)

I’m going to ______ a book.(买)

2.I’m going to buy_______ _______ ________?(一本漫画书).

3. Where are you going_______ _______________?(下周)


( )1. What are you going to do? A. By train.

( )2. When are you going? B. Take a trip.

( )3. Where are you going? C. Yes,I am.

( )4. How do you go to the zoo? D. At 3 o’clock.

( )5. Are you going to use any books? E. I’m going to Beijing.


1. are what you week going do to next _____________________________________________

2. plant going trees i’m to _____________________________________________

3.comic book a i’m buy to school going afer _________________________________________

4. one i to teacher want be day a science _____________________________________________

5.I’m buy to about magazine going a plants _____________________________________________

6.afternoon going bookstore I’m the to this_____________________________________________


______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

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