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新标准英语第九册四会单词表(60) 注明:1. 单词表有,新课标也有,红体的是单词表新单词,但课标没有。 2 . 重点句有,新课标也有。

Module 1

1. year before duck playground

2. any here

Module 2

1. heavy sometimes sell lift

2. many fruit

Module 3

1. night why

2. autumn they

Module 4

1. reply

2. have lunch birthday cake

Module 5

1. whose mine yours hers

2. his hers T-shirt

3. Module 6

1. well team true

2. run fast jump high play basketball

Module 7

1. hear fire safe blind

2. help him want

Module 8

1. study miss line break

2. sit China sing song every Module 9

1. water bored

2. sad

Module 10

1. kind rule should

2. tidy toy


M1 1.There was only a slide.

2.There wasn’t a pond here before. M2 3.There are many sweets .

4. There are many fruits ,too .

5.This one is heavy.

M3 6.They scare the people.

M4 7.What are you going to do?

8.Are you going to have a birthday cake? Yes, I am.

M5 9. Whose T-shirt is it? It’s mine.

M6 10. Can you run fast?

No, I can’t.

11. You can jump high.

12. You can play basketball well.

M7 13. This dog can help him.

M8 14. We sit in lines in China.

M9 15. Are you sad?

No, I’m not.

M10 16. You should tidy your toys.

五年级 要求背诵的对话和短文 :

长对话: 两篇 P22 M6 unit1 You can play basketball well . P34 M9 Unit1 Are you sad ?

小短文 三篇 P4 M1 Unit2 There are tall trees .

P20 M5 unit2 Amy’s blue dress is wet. P40 M10 unit 2 You shouldn’t be late .

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