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外研社(新标准)五年级上册英 语

Module 2 Shopping
Unit 1 How many do you want ?

Yesterday I went shopping.
Do you know what I buy?

可数名词: banana apple pear orange 补充: egg noodle 不可数名词: milk cheese orange juice 补充: meat fish rice

回答问题: 1.Where are Ms Smart and Lingling ?

Ms Smart and Lingling are in the supermarket .
2.What do they need to buy ? They need to buy food for their picnic.

How many bananas do you want ? Six, please.

How much cheese do you want ? Half a kilo .

练习题: 1._________ bananas does Ms Smart want ? ______ bananas . 2._________ cheese does Lingling want ? Half____ kilo . 3.你喜欢橘子吗? 是的.\不是的.

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