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Unit 13
Going to different places


What did Fred do last week? Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture. There is one example.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


2 Look at the pictures and write.
1.s s k c o 2.s o u t e r r s 3.e y n m o 4.l o u s e d r h socks trousers money

shoulder vegetable

5.t e l b e v a g e

3 Read and match.
1.Can you play badminton with me? 2.Can you drive a car? 3.Can you buy me a chocolate bar? 4.Can you sing me a Chinese song? 5.Can you spell the word “giraffe”? A. No, I can’t. But my mother can. B. No problem! I can. C. Sorry, I can’t. I can only sing English songs. D. Sorry, I have no time. E. Sorry, I can’t. I have no money.

4 Unscramble the sentences.
1.can,spot,you,frog,the Can you spot the frog 2.can’t,a,hippo,swim,in the water A hippo can’t swim in the water 3.can,hop,how,a kangaroo, high How high can a kangaroo hop 4.draw,can,me,you,a house ? . ?

? Can you draw me a house 5.can,leaves,in,eat,a giraffe, tall tress, the A giraffe can eat leaves in the tall tress .

5 Read and choose the best answers.
A 1.Ican fly a kite,_____? A. can you B. do you C. are you 2.My uncle went to the café _____a drink. C A. have B. has C. to have B 3.----_____you draw a kangaroo? ----No, I can’t. A. Do B. can C. Are B 4.----_____teachers are there in your school? ----Seventy-six。 A. How much B. How many C. How old B 5.What_____your aunt like do? A. Can B. dose C. is

6 Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines. There is one example.
I have a new friend. It’s an English dog. 1 ___name is Laike. It’s two years old. Its body is very long. 2 It___ short gray hair. Its mouth is white. 3 Its eyes are blue. It ___two small ears. Its four legs are very long. 4 Its tail ___thin and long. 5 It ___ fast. I like to play with it. 1.It’s It His




4.is 5.ran

have runs

am running

7 Please remember these words and sentences.
fruit vegetable money travel robot mountain climb hop 1.She went to a bookshop to buy a book. 2.He went to the café to have a drink. 3.We went to the shoe shop to buy a pair of sports shoes. 4-Can you draw a tree?-Yes, I can. -Can you ride a horse?-No, I can’t. -Can you buy me an ice cream? -Sorry, I can’t I have no money. -Can you clean the floor for me? -No problem! I can do that.


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