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My math teacher is very smart. My English teacher has a kind heart.

My P.E teacher is very strong.
My music teacher sings nice songs. They help us learn. They help us play. When school is over, I want to stay.

He is Father Christmas .
He is an old man.


He is young .


He is tall.

He is short. 他很矮。

He is a strong man. 他是一个强壮的男人。

My math teacher is a thin man.

我的数学老师是一个瘦瘦 的男人。

Clown 小丑

The grandma is kind. 我的奶奶很和蔼。

A:Who’s your Chinese teacher?

B:Mr. Yan. / He’s Mr. Yan.
严老师。/ 他是严老师。

A:What’s he like?

B:He’s young and kind.

A:Who’s your English teacher?

B:Miss Xie./She’s Miss Xie. A:What’s she like? B:She’s…...

old young tall short strong thin funny kind

A:Who’s he? superman B:He’s………. A:What’s he like? strong B:He’s ………..

A:Who’s he?

Wukong B:He’s…… A:What’s he like?
thin B:He’s……. Wukong

A:Who’s he? B:He’s Father Christmas …… A:What’s he like? old and B:He’s……. kind
Father Christmas

A:Who’s she? my grandma B:She’s…… A:What’s she like? kind B:She’s…….

my grandma

Ss: -Who’s your good friend? S1: -Guess! Ss: -Boy or girl? S1: -Boy! Ss: -What’s he like? S1: -He’s tall and cool. He has two big eyes. He’s eleven…… Ss: -Is he xxx? S1: -No! / Yeah, you are right.

Describe your Chinese teacher, math teacher and English teacher. 用三句话描述你的语文,数 学,英语老师。

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