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一. 用动词的正确形式填空:


1. I am _(make) a toy car for my little sister now.

2. ---What’s the weather like? It ___(be) sunny.

3. My sister ___(be) at home yesterday evening.

4.I’m ____(go) to visit a flower show tomorrow.

5. My mother ___(like) bananas.

6. He ____(do) his homework yesterday evening.


1. Listen, Jim __________(sing) an English song in the music room.

2. Wang Bing ____________(like) (make) model ships.

3. I ____(live) in Nan Jing , but my friend_______(live) in England.

4. My father ______(like) (read) newspaper.

5. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. We _________ (have) an English class now.

6. I like __________(sing), she _________(like)_________(dance).

7. What ___Helen often __ (do) at the weekends? She often_____(catch) insects.

8. He __________( not want) to eat bread for breakfast.

9. I ____(have) a friend. Her name ___(be)Susan.She ___(like) singing and dancing

10. She usually __________(go) shopping with her mother.

11.Look, They __________ (play) football in the playground.

12. ___(do) your sister ____(watch ) TV every day? No, she doesn’t.

二. 单项填空:

1. The baby ____every night.

A. cry B. will cry C. cries D. is crying

2. Last year Jane ____17, so she ____18 now.

A. is,is B. was, is C. is , will be D. was, will be

3. I often ___some bread for breakfast, but my parents usually __milk and eggs for it.

A. has, have B. has, has C. have, have D. had, had

4. _____ you see my sister an hour ago? No, I ____.

A. Do, don’t B. Are, aren’t C. Did, am not D. Did didn’t

5. They ___an English evening next Saturday.

A. am having B. are going to have C. will having D. is going to have

6. Why ___you crying, Kate? I ___my little cat.

A. are , lose B. were, lost C. are, lost D. were, am losing

7. The earth ____around the sun.

A. moves B. moved C. is moving D. has moved

8. ____we go camping?

A. Are B. Do C. Shall D. Does

9. They ____usually at home in the evenings.

A. / B. will be C. were D. are

10. There ____a speech(演讲) in the hall(大厅) yesterday. Did you hear it?

Yes, I ____. A. is, did B. is ,do C. are , do D. was, did

三. 按要求改写下列句子:

1. We went to the park yesterday. ( 改写成一般将来时)


2. He is waiting for a friend now. (改写成一般过去时)

______________________________________________just now.

4. Lily is going to visit the museum. (改写成否定句)


5. My father had dinner at home last night. (改成一般现在时) _____________________________________________every day.

12. Open the window, please. (改成否定句)__________________

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