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1. 用冠词a/an 填空, 不用冠词的请填“-”。

__taxi __elephant __idea __university __old lady __bus stop __hour __winter __English teacher __Tian’an men Square ___owl ___actor ___policeman __umbrella ___young uncle

2. 选择题:

1)There is ___ “F” and ___ “ M” in the word “ form”.

A. an,an B. an,a C. a, a D. a, an

2)She found _bag yesterday. There was _ID card in __bag.

A. a,an,the B. a,a,a C. a, a, the D. a,/, the

3) Is ___old man in black your grandpa?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

4) A: Can you play ___piano?

B: No, I can’t. I can play ____cards.

A. /, / B. /, the C. a, / D. the , /

5) ____Long River is ___ longest river in China.

A. A, the B. The, the C. A, / D. The, a

6) She is looking up at ____sky and sees ___moon.

A. /, a B. /, the C. the , the D. the , a

7) ___Olympic Games will be held in ____London in 2012.

A. The, / B. An, / C. An, the D, The, the

8) Can you answer ____question, please?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

9) What’s this in ___English? Please write in down in ___ink.

A. an, the B. an, a C. an, an D. / , /

10) The teacher wrote ___ “U” and ___ “ N” on the blackboard.

A. a, an B. an, a C. an, an D. / , /

11) ___day of ___October 1st is ___National Day.

A. The, /, / B. A, the, the C. The , the , / D. A, /, /

3. 判断正误。并改正。

1)There is a box in the room. A box is blue. ____

2) I like the hat but I don’t like color of the flower on it. ____

3) My favorite sport is tennis and I often play the tennis. ____

4) Tom lives on second floor. ____

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