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Save Our Mother Planet

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Save Our Mother Planet

Th data of environmental pollution that we receive from all corners of the globe give us no cause for optimism.

Of course, environmental pollution is not a modern phenomenon. It began ever since people began to congregate in towns and cities. Unfortunately, Man refuses to acknowledge or correct his past mistakes. As cities grew in the Middle Ages, pollution became even more evident. Ordinances had to be passed in medieval cities against indiscriminate dumping of waste into the streets and canals. These, however, had little effect on the people’s consciences. I think that the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century was the point of no return. True, the standard of living increased, but it was achieved at a great environmental cost.

Our planet has its own mechanisms to deal with natural pollutants. However, can the earth assimilate the additional millions of tons of chemicals like sulphur, chlorofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide and methane that our industries release each year? Many a time, we have returned from their research tours around the world, lamenting the slow but sure destruction of our cultural treasures. The carvings on the Parthenon, a magnificent building in Athens, have been eroded by acid deposition. The Roman Colosseum, England?s Westminster Abbey and India?s Taj Mahal have also fallen victim to insidious chemicals that float in the air.

Years earlier, I had studied a secluded island in the Pacific and found its undisturbed ecosystem in complete balance and stability. In despair, I once contemplated living the rest of my days on the island in solitude. Pollution, however, is no respecter of boundaries - when I reached the island, the beaches were awash with trash and dead marine life while the once-lush foliage were sparse and limp. It was then that I realized this dying planet needs allies and not fatalism and resignation. I returned to resume my crusade and I hope others will join me.

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