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She is a teacher. Give me a book. The book is behind me. 习题:He ____a doctor. 他们是好朋友。____________________ 你前面有一张桌子___________________________

人称代词的用法:人称代词分两格,主格、宾格来分说; 主格句中作主语,动、介后面跟宾格;


形容词物主代词+名词=表“某人的”This is a book.It’s her book/hers. 习题:There are many fruits. -----_____________________________ 巨型:1、Who’s your +学科名称(Chinese, English...)+teacher? ------Mr/ Mrs/ Miss+姓氏(+ is my/ our +学科名称+ teacher.)。 Eg: Who’s your math teacher?------Mr Wang.


2、What’s +某人+like? ( 某人:he/ she/ the lady/ the man...)

------某人+ is +表示体貌特征或性格特点的形容词(tall/ kind/ thin...) Eg: What’s he like? -----He is tall and thin.


3、(1)如何描述他人:肯定句:主语+be动词+表示体貌特征或性格特点的形容词。---He is tall.

否定句:be动词+主语+表示体貌特征或性格特点的形容词。 ’’t. (2)如何描述他人体貌特征:主语+have/has +(a/an+)+名词---My sister has long hair.

4、介绍某人来自哪里:(1)主语+be动词+ from +地点。----She is from China. (2)主语+come(s)+ from +地点。----She comes from China. 5、提出建议的其他句型:

(1)Shall we +动原 + 其他?-----Shall we go to the park?

(2)What/ How about + 动词--ing形式 + 其他? ----What about going to the park? (3)Why don’t you +动原+ 其他?-----Why don’t you go to park?=Why not go to the




Old--_______tall--________thin--________quiet--________ big--_________


1. ____________ your new English teacher? Miss Ye.

2. ____________ he like? He's young and strong.

3. Is your Chinese teacher strict? Yes, ____________.

4. Who's that young man? ____________ is your P.E. teacher.


I'm Sarah. I have three teachers, a science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My science teacher is Mr Liu. He's tall and thin. My art teacher is Miss Zhao. She's pretty and young. My English teacher is Miss Sun. she's an old woman. She's kind.

( )1. I have two new teachers.( )2. My art teacher is an old woman. ( )3. My English teacher is Miss Sun.

( )4. My science teacher is tall and thin.

( )5. Miss Sun is strict.

五. 把问题和答语对应起来。(10分)

1.( ) Who's that man? A、 He's from China.

2.( ) What's he like? B、He's my teacher.

3.( ) Where's he from? C、No, she is old.

4.( ) Is Miss Wang young? D、 He's short and thin.

5.( ) Is Mr Wang young? E、 No, he is old.


( )1.This is ___ university student.. A an B a C 不填

( )2._____funny? Yes, she is. A Is he B Who's C Is she

( )3、_______your art teacher? A Who’s B Where’s C What’s


1. that is young who man (?) ____________________________

2. is Our principal kind very(.)_____________________________

3. have new a I teacher art (.) _____________________________


1谁是你的新的语文老师? ______ is your _____ Chinese teacher ?

2.她长得怎么样? 哦,她又高又瘦。_____ she like ? Oh, she is tall and thin.

3.他聪明吗?是的,而且他很严厉。Is he ________? Yes, and he is very ______

九. 读短文,判断正误。( 用T表示正确,F表示错误)(15分)

Hello, my name is John. I have P.E ,art and English on Tuesday(星期二).It's my favourite day. I like English. Look,that is my math teacher. He's very kind. His name is Li Hai. I like beef very much, but I don't like apples. I like bananas, too. 1( )John has P.E and computer on Tuesday.2( ) John's favourite day is Monday. 3( )Mr Li is John's English teacher.4( ) John likes apple very much. 5( ). John's math teacher is short and kind.

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