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1. (I/You) am Jim. ____(I/My)birthday is Feb. 2nd.

2. This banana isn’t good. ____(It/ Its) skin is brown.

3. Whose books are these, ___(you/yours) or_____(my/ mine)?

4. ______(Who/Whose) bag is this?

It’s ___(mine/me). But it’s not as nice as ___(you/yours).

Maybe not, but ___(my/mine) isn’t as good as Allen’s.

5. This is a secret(秘密) between ____(you/I) and ___(me/you).

6. Sorry. I don’t have ____(some/any) time now.

7. She brought home _____(somebody/something) new to wear.

8.Can you help ___(me/myself)?

9. Lily and Lucy are sisters. This is _____(her/ their) room.

10. The big house is ___(our/ours).

11. ____(What/Whose) bike is this? It’s ____(hers/ my).

12. I don’t know ____(somebody/anything) about it.

13. She enjoys ______(herselves, herself).

14. We see ______(ourselves,usselves) in the mirror.

二. 用名词性物主代词填空:

1. That’s my book. It’s _____. 2. These are your keys. They are_____.

3. This is our house. It’s _____. 4. Those are his shoes. They are____.

5. This is her bag. It’s _____. 6. He is their teacher. He’s ______.


My aunt called ____this morning. My aunt was sick, so I wanted to help ____. First, I got _____the newspaper, but it’s hard for ____to read___without ____glasses. Then, we watched TV in her room, and ___son came in and watched TV with_____. After a while, he got bored. So I told ___a story. ___liked ___very much.


1. I’m going to give ____to my son.

2. ____are too big. Could you show me ____?

3. Who did_____?

4. He lent ____book to me.

5. Linda, ___is Tim. Tim, ____is Linda, my sister.

五. 用some/any/something/ anything/ somebody填空:

1. Is there ____I can do for you?

2. Listen! ____is coming.

3. How about getting ____to eat?

4. I want ___milk.

5. I didn’t have ____money at that time.



4. This is not Mary’.

八. 根据提示词写出一到两句话:

1. fat, he, hair, his, short. ________________ ___________________

2. she, teacher, her, class._________________ __________________

3. he, English teacher, we, our, us, have a good time. _____________________ ____________________________________

4. my, doctor, he, work. __________________ ___________________

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