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分为 不定冠词 定冠词


1. 表示一个,相当于one.



There is _an__F and __an_M in


uniform 校服 制服

a uniform

a university

an hour

_a_P _an_S _an_H an F an M an L an R

1. 泛指一类事物或人。 I like cats. A cat is cute.

A horse has four legs.

An elephant is strong.

3. 用于第一次提到的人或事物。

A man went into the room. The man is my father.

There is a box in room.

The box is Coco’s.

二. 定冠词的使用方法:

1. 特指某事物或人。---那个 这个 那些 这些 The white cat is mine.

The woman in red is my mum. the word form. [ef]

2. 特指双方都明白的事物或人。

Take the medicine. 把药吃了。

Kill the man.

3. 上文提到过的事物或人。(第二次或第几次)

My mother bought a dress for me yesterday.

The dress is yellow.

I like it very much.

4. 用于世界上独一无二的事物名词前。

the sun the moon the sky the earth the world

4. 用于海洋,河流,山脉和普通名词的专有名词。 the Pacific Ocean

the Yellow River

the Yangzi River 长江

the Himalayas 喜马拉雅山脉

the Great Wall

the Summer Palace

the United States ----US

6. 用于乐器前。

play the Erhu / the piano/ the guitar/ the zither / the drums/the flute

7. longest first Summer is the hottest season in a year.

I am the first student.


the +Greens 格林一家人

the Wangs

the rich 富人

the poor 穷人

the old 老人



in English 用英语

in ink 用钢笔

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