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六年级 英语Unit6 B let

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年级 六年级 科目 let’s review


1.种子 2.土壤 3.苗;芽;嫩芽

4.植物;种植 5.应该 6.然后

7.在阳光下 8.等待 9.几天后

10.放进 (2种) 11.核实或查明(某事物)

12.许多 13.种树 14.加油

15.今天下午你打算干什么? 我打算在我们的花园里种花种子。



18.My plant is tall and strong ,but still it has no flowers.





seeds ; sport ;soil ;sun ;flower

It’s easy to plant a flower.First,put some_________ in a pot . Then put some

flower ________ in the soil .Put it in the ________ and water it often .In several

weeks ,you can see the ________ .Don’t forget to water it every day and make sure

it gets lots of sun . You can see a big ________ in several months.


( )1.A come B.lovely C.month D.soil ( )2.A.should B.sprout C. out D.cloud ( )3.A.pot B.old C.drop D.down ( )4.A.make B.wake C. lake D.actor ( )5.A.then B.month C. with D.other ( )6.A.garden B.hardly C.library D.party

三.单项选择。( 10分)

( )1.--What are you and Jane going to do tomorrow ?


A.We are going to buy a doll for Kate. B.I'm going to buy a doll for Kate.

C. We are buying a doll for Kate. D.They are going to buy a doll for Kate.

( ) 2.Put the plant __________ the sun. A. under B.in C.at

( ) 3.Can you ______ me at the school gate after school? .A wait B.wait for C. waiter

( ) 4.My plant _______ two green ________. A.has;leafs B.have ; leaves C.has ; leaves

( ) 5.There are_____________ people in the cinema. A. many B. lots of C. A and B

( ) 6.You can see a sprout ________ several days . A.in B.on C. for

( ) 7.What are you doing ? ---I ________ flower seeds. A.plant B. plants C. am planting

( ) 8.Wait _______ the flowers ________ grow. A..for ; and B. to ;to C. for ; to

( ) 9._______ it's a green light when you cross (穿过) the street.

A. Make sure B. Come on C. Come out.

( ) 10.Be quick. There are ___________ people here. A. don't B. not C. No

( )11.My plant is _________ old . A. two seasons B. two months C.two times

( )12.Mr Hu is going too plant _________ this afternoon

A. A flower seeds B.flowers seeds C.flower seeds


A:__________________________? B:I’m going to plant flower seeds on Saturday. A:Great!___________________________________? B:It’s easy .First ,dig the soil. A:_________________________? B:Then put the seeds in the soil.

A:_________________________? B:Water them .Wait for the sprouts to grow. A:__________________________? B:In several days ,I can see the sprouts . A:Oh, I see . Thank you .


Hi, I’m Lin Tao. I’m going to take a trip next week. I’m going to Guangzhou with my parents. On Monday, we’re going to Yuexiu Park. On Tuesday, we’re going to visit my grandparents. On Wednesday, I will read books in the bookstore. On Thursday and Friday, we are going to the science museum. On the last day, we’ll buy a new computer. Then, we’ll come back by car. That’s great!

( )1. Lin Tao will be in Guangzhou for five days.

( )2. Lin Tao is going to the bookstore on Monday.

( )3. Lin Tao’s grandparents live in Guangxi.

( )4. On Saturday, Lin Tao will buy a new computer.

( )5. There is a science museum in Guangzhou.

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