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( )1. A.noodles B.dumping C.rice D.soup

( )2. A.garden B.library C.office D.playground ( )3. A.PE B.Music C.drawing D.Art

( )4. A.week B.day C.Saturday D.Thursday ( )5. A.sing songs B.jump rope C.dance D.play ball


1.( )A.I like Art. B.I don’t like English.

2.( )A.They are nice. B.They have four.

3.( )A.They have Chinese and Math. B.We have Chinese and Math.

4.( )A.There are many books in it. B.There are twenty gates in it.

5.( )A.Yes, she does. B.Yes, he does.



( )1.g den A.er B.ar C.or

( )2.Ma A.ch B.th C.ty

( )3.s m A.wi B.ie C.iw

( )4.F day A.ri B.re C.te

( )5.t let A.st B.se C.oi

四.单项选择(10分) ( ) 1.I after class.

A.play basketball B.play the basketball

C.play a basketball

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( ) 2.I am good at .

A.drawing B.draw C.sing ( ) 3.I like games.

A.to play B.play C.plays ( ) 4.She every day

A.run B.runs C.running ( ) 5.What do you have Monday?

A.in B.at C.on


1.跳绳 2.下课

3.teachers’ office 4.an Science class 5.school gate


( )1.那个男人是一个工人。

A.That man wants to be a worker.

B.He is a man worker.

C.That man is a worker.

( )2.今天星期四。

A.It’s a Thursday. B.Is it Thursday today?

C.It’s Thursday today.

( )3.我们图书馆里有两台电脑。

A.There are two computers in our library.

B.There are many computers in our library.

C.There are two computers and libraries in our school.

( )4.她起床很早。

A.She gets up very late.

B.She gets up very early.

C.She goes to bed very early.

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( )5.我喜欢美术,但我不擅长画画。

A.I like Art, and I’m good at drawing.

B.I like Art, but I’m good at drawing.

C.I like drawing, but I’m not good at Art.


1.I like has Math.

2.Do you watch have Music in the afternoon.

3.I am good at on English.

4.Do are you have Chinese.

5.How much many subjects do you have?


( )1.A.cook B.doctor C.driver D.pig ( )2.A.subject B.Math C.PE D.Art ( )3.A.ball B.dance C.sing D.run

( )4.A.Saturday B.Sunday C.week D.Tuesday ( )5.A.library B.gate C.classroom D.office


1. What today it is day ?

2. like What you do subjects ?

3. basketball I to play like .

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4. Tuesday We on and have Chinese Music .

5. small library There a is .


Hi, I’m Lucy. This is my aunt. She is a doctor. She goes to work on Monday and Wednesday.But she gets up early every day. My aunt likes to sing and dance. And she is good at drawing. I like her pictures. I want to be a doctor like her.

( ) 1.What is Lucy’s aunt?

A.teacher B.doctor

( ) 2.When does she go to work?

A. Monday and Wednesday

B. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

( ) 3.What does she like to do?

A.sing and dance B.draw pictures

( ) 4.What is she good at?

A.sing and dance B.drawing

( ) 5.What does Lucy want to be?

A.nurse B.doctor

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