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2012—2013年度 上学期六年级英语期末测试

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二、读一读,找出不同类的词。( 10分 )

( )1. A. east B. west C. easy D. north

( )2. A. accountant B. artist C. engineer D. teach

( )3. A. morning B. week C. evening D. afternoon ( )4. A. cinema B. magazine C. dictionary D. newspaper ( )5. A. plane B. subway C. train D. shop 三、选出最恰当的答案,把序号写在左边括号里 (15分) ( )1.How do you go to school?

A. I go to school on foot. B. The school is next to the hospital. C. I am going to the cinema. ( )2.What is your hobby?

A.I like making kites. B.She goes to work by bus. C.Next to the hospital. ( )3. Does she watch TV at night?

A. Yes, she does. B. Yes, she goes to school on foot. C. No, I go to the park at night.

( )4.Turn left at the cinema, then __________. It’s on the left.

A.turn to school B.go straight C.green light

( )5._________ at the red light. A. Stop B. Go C. Wait

( )6.Tom’s mother teaches English. What does his mother do?

A.She is a policewoman . B.She is a teacher. C.She goes to work by car. ( )7.What are you going to do this afternoon?

A .Yes,he does. B. I am going to play football. C.He likes collecting stamps. ( ) 8.Does your pen pal live in Shanghai?

A. I like diving. B. He is tall and strong. C. Yes, he does.

( ) 9. His mother is _____ actress and his father is ______ good engineer.

A. an, an B. an, a C. a, an

( ) 10.In China , drivers drive on the ______ side of the road.

A. right B. left C. Straight

can I go to Shanghai? You can go by plane.

A. What B. Where C. How ( ) 12. I am going to my grandparents next week.

A. visit B. visits C. visiting

( ) 13. I want to buy some books. So I can go to the A. bookstore B. shoe store C. pet shop

( )14. There are three lights: A. red, yellow and green B. red, blue and green C. red, orange and green ( ) 15. It ___ from the clouds.

A. come B. comes C. coming


1. do how you to go school ? 2. your what mother does do ? 3. she teach does math ? 4. are you to going what buy ? 5. comes the it from river . 五、读一读,给对话排序。 ( 10分 ) ( ) I get there by bus.

( ) I’m going to visit the museum. ( ) It’s next to the cinema. ( ) Where is it?

( ) What are you going to do this weekend? ( ) How do you go there? 六、读一读,找答语 ( 10分 )

( )1.Where is the museum, please? A. He is an artist.

( )2. How does Li Lin go to work?

B. It’s near the school.

( )3. Where are you going this weekend? C. Yes, we are.

( )4. What does your father do? D. She goes to work by car.

( )5. Are you going to the bookstore? E. I’m going to HongKong.

七、按要求完成下列各题。( 20分 )


2.What is your father's hobby? (根据实际情况回答)

3.What are you going to be?(根据实际情况回答)

4. by (同音词) _________ cleaner (动词) __________ sing (名词)__________ dive ( ing形式)__________ watch (第三人称单数)__________ policeman(对应词)___________

5. How do he go to work? (改错)

八、阅读短文,选择正确答案。( 10分 )

It is Saturday.The Browns are at home.Mrs Brown are in the kitchen.She is making apple pies. The pies she makes are very delicious. Do you want to have a taste? Mr Brown isn’t in the living room. He is outside.He is washing his car. The car is new and very beautiful. So he looks after it very well. Jim is in the garden. He is playing football with some other boys. Where is his sister,Amy? She’s in the bedroom with her friend,Ann. They are watching the Animal World.

( )1.There are _________ people in Mr Brown’s family. A.six B.four C.two ( )2.Mrs Brown is _____ A.making apple pies B. watching TV C.washing ( )3.Mr Brown looks after ___ very well. A. Mrs Brown B.his daughter C.his car ( )4. Who are playing outside? ____ A. Mrs Brown and Sue B.Some boys C.Amy

( )5. Amy and Ann are _________.

A. watching TV in the living room B. playing football in the open air

C. watching TV in Amy's bedroom


My name is ___________. I'm______years old. I have a _____ family. I like

_________________ and ________________. My father is a/an__________. He likes

_________________. My mother is a/an____________. She _____________________. I _____ my

family very much! What about your family?

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