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三年级英语能力测试 第一部分:请默写26个字母,以及5个元音字母。(30分)


what is linda doing she is going to school


get(现在分词) picture(复数)

we(单) look(近) can’t(=) dance(现在分词) shutting(同类词)

see(现在分词) right(同音词)

coming(原形) here(反义词) I(宾格)


去睡觉 四点半 看英语书

说中文 I‘d like apples.

many thanks get up play games


( )1. Can I listen to the radio now? .

A: Yes, I can. B: No, you can’t. C: Yes, you are.

( )2. It‘s raining. We can’t .

A: go out B: at home C: watch TV

( )3. Lingling singing a song. A: can B: is C: are

( )4. Tom dance. A: can B: is C: are

( )5. they like maths? A: Are B: Can C: Do

( )6. Don‘t . A: drawing B: write C: writing

( )7. I can see moon. A: the B: a C: an

( )8. is it? It’s a clock.

A: What time B: What C: Where

( )9. It‘s half past eleven. It’s time for . A: lunch B: breakfast C: supper

( )10. Mr Li doing now? A: What‘s B: What C: Where

( )11. Peter is . A: write B: playing C: get up

( )12. Where are the pupils? They’re the playground. A: under B: in C: out

( )13. My teacher 。

A: is dancing B: are dancing C: is dance

( )14. their teacher writing? A: Is B: Has C: Have

( )15 It‘s very kind you. A: for B: to C: of


1. It’s seven. Peter (go) to school.

2. There‘s the bell. Don’t (write).

Let‘s (go) to the playground.

3. Look, those girls (sit) there.

4. Can Jim (draw) a map of China?

Yes, he (draw) a map now.


1. We can speak English. (否定句)

2. It’s six o‘clock. (what time)

3. The teachers are watching TV. (what)

School( )Class( )Name( ) Mark( )

4. Miss Green/to/is/listening/the/radio/ (连词成句)

5. can/ come/ Helen/ here/ ?/ (连词成句)

6. They like P.E.(一般疑问句)

7. There are many apples on the desk. (what)

8. Can the girl write?(肯定句)


1. ? I’m shutting the door.

2. ? Yes, she can.

3. ? It‘s seven o’clook.

4. ? He‘s playing ball games.

5. ? I’m fine.


1. 别人帮你拿伞了,你如何对他说: A: Many Thanks. B: Here‘s your umbrella.

2. 走进商店,营业员会对你说: A: What are you doing? B: What can I do for ypu?

3. 你想看电视,如何征求大人的意见: A: May I watch TV? B: Can you watch TV?

4. 见面如何问天气: A: What’s the day like?

B: What‘s the weather like?

5. 你能唱歌,如何表达: A: I can sing. B: You can sing.

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