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班级 姓名 成绩 Listening Part 听力部分(30分)

一、 听录音,圈出你所听到的单词图片(8分)


3、 4、

二、 听录音,给图片标号。(10分)

三、 听问题,选择正确的答语 (12分)

( )1. A. I’m fine, thanks. B. I’m ten years old. 2、

( ) 2.A. Her name is LiLing. B. His name is LiNing.

( ) 3. A. Five books. B. They are balls.

( ) 4. In a river. B. In a hole.

( ) 5. A. It’s on the desk.. B. She is my friend.

( ) 6. A. Yes, it can. B. No, it can’t.

Writing Part 笔试部分(70分)

一、 看图,填空补全单词。(5分)

1 . 2. 3.

er__ser sch____l c__t

4. 5.

sh__ __p c__w

二、 选择正确的一项填空。(5分)

1. —What’s your name ?

— ______(my, your) name is Lily.

2. This is Li Ming. _____(He, She) is playing ping-pong.

3. _______(I, She) is a girl. _____( She, Her) name is Jenny.

4. — What animal do you like? —______(I, my)like dogs.

三、 Read and choose. 选择最佳的选项(10分)

( )1. —Is this your pencil?

—Yes,it’s____pencil. A. my B. his C. her

( ) 2. —What is he doing?

—He is ______a book. A. playing B reading C. drawing

( )3. My favorite animal is____ . A. chair B. fish C. river

( ) 4. A bird ____feathers and wings. A. have B. haves C. has

( ) 5. Monkeys eat_____. A. meat B. vegetables C. bananas

( ) 6._____is a girl. ______name is Alice.

A. He, His B. She, Her C. He, Her

( ) 7.Mr.Wood is playing ping-pang in the _____.

A. classroom B. library C. gym

( ) 8. Nice ____you. A. meet B. to meet C. meeting

( )9.Are you ready_____ school? A. for B to C. in

( )10.You can call ____ Mr. Wood. A. me B. my C. I

四、 读句子,选词填空,填入序号即可(10分)

Word List

3. A snake lives in a ______. 4. Cows eat_______.

5. A fish lives in a _______.

四、 读句子,看图选答语。(10分)

( )1. What is it ?

A. It’s a glue.

B. It’s an eraser.

( ) 2.Where is the apple ?

A. It’s on the desk.

B. It’s under the desk.

( ) 3. Does an elephant have a trunk?

A. Yes, it does.

B. No, it doesn’t.

( ) 4. Is this a pen?

A. Yes, it is.

B. No, it isn’t

( ) 5. Can a cow fly ?

A. Yes, it can

B. No, it can’t.

五、 将问句与答语连线。(8分)

1. What happened ? a. No, it doesn’t.

2.Can a fish swim ? b. Yes, it can.

3. What has feathers ? c. My head is stuck.

4.Does an elephant have fur ? d. A duck.

六、 读短文,选择正确的答案。(8分)。

I’m Nancy. I have a good friend. It is a black and white cat. It has fur and a long tail. It can run. It likes to eat fish. I love it very much.

( ) 1. Who is my friend ?

A. A cat. B. A dog. C. A fish.

( ) 2.. What colour is it ?

A. Black B.White C.Black and white.

( )3. What does it like to eat ?

A. Fruits. B Fish C. Chicken

( )4. Can it run ?

A. Yes, it can. B. No, it can’t C. No, it doesn’t

六、 连词成句。(4分)

1. This, is, pen, a

2 My, is , Danny, name.

3 Where, is, book, my

4 A, can, bird, fly

七、 根据图片,选择合适的方位词填入横线上,使句子完整。

1. The paper is _____ the chair.

The chair is _______the paper

2. The book is ________the desk.

3. What is it ?

It is a _______.

Where is it ?

It is ______the eraser.

4. The chalk is _________the blackboard

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