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五年级英语下册 Module6测试题 外研版

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Module 6 Travel测试题


一 、选出每组中不同类的一项。(10分)

( )1. A parent B. grandparent C. week

( )2. A week B.stay C.year

( )3. A. horse B. kite C.dragon

( )4. A. photo B.picture C. climb

( )5. A ride B. holiday C. stay


( )1. A first B girl C shirt D short ( ) 2. A find B lie C bring D right ( ) 3.A weak B weather C teacher D eat ( ) 4. A book B good C look D food ( ) 5.A boat B school C moon D afternoon


( )1.Lingling has got some photos . ( )2.He lives there with his three children .

( )3.She rode a horse . ( )4.She visited the Tianchi Lake . 1

( )5.Why don’t you give him a kite ?


( )1、他们是中国的照片。

A:They are photo of Chinese.

B: They are photos of China.

( )2、我是去年去的那里。

A:I went there last year .

B: We went there last week .

( )3、我的堂兄每年参观北京。

A: My cousins visit Beijing every year .

B: My cousins visit Beijing every months .

( )4、玲玲和她的父母亲去了新疆。

A: Lingling went to Xinjiang with his parents .

B: Lingling went to Xinjiang with her parents .

( )5、在七月我们和我的祖母待了一周。

A: We stayed with my grandmother for a week in July. B: We stayed with my grandfather in a week in July . ( )6、昨天她骑了马。

A:Yesterday she rode a horse .

B: Yesterday she ride a horse .


( )1.Lingling ____got some photos .

A. has B. have C. is

( )2.It’s ____the west of China .

A. on B. in C. for

( )3.Did you _____ with your mother and father .

A. go B. went C. going

( )4.I met them ___June .


A. in B. on C. be

( )5.Last year She ____ a lovely time there .

A. have B. has C. had

( )6.--Where did you go for your holiday ?

-- I ___to Yinchuan.

A. go B. went C. going


1.She is a very_______ girl.

2.The mountains are _______ beautiful

3. The city is in the ____of China.

4.excuse me. Can I ____them ?

5.We had a ____time there .


1. She __________ (buy) this bag for her yesterday.

2. Tom is starting ______(cross), but a car is coming.

3. I ___________(give) a book to my brother soon.

4. Who ______ (give) it to you just now?

5.The book____( look )interesting. We all like it.


Amy: Hi Tom ._______1_________?


Tom : Hello ,I’m fine ,thank you .

Amy: ___________2______________?

Tom : We went to Yinchuan.

Amy: ______3______?

Tom : It’s in the west of China.

Amy :________4____________?

Tom : We went there in July .

Amy :________5____________?

Tom : Yes ,I did .


LiYing likes English very much .She works hard (努力学习),She reads English every morning .She likes speaking English .She often listens to the radio. She watches TV only on Saturday evening .Does she like dancing ?No,she doesn’t .But she likes drawing and singing .Her parents likes her .And all the teachers and her friends like her ,too.

( )1. LiYing likes English

( )2. She watches TV every evening .

( )3. She reads Chinese every morning .

( )4. All the teachers like her .

( )5. LiYing is good at dancing

答案:一 、1----5 C B B C B

二、1----5 D C B D A

三、1----5 TFTTF

四、1-----6 BAABAA

五、1-----6 ABAACB -

六、1. beautiful 2. really 3. west 4.see 5.lovely

七、1.bought 2.to cross 3.will give 4.gave 5.looks

八、1-----5 EBCDA

九、1----5 TFFTF


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